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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Susan S. and Sue G. update

It was Susan S's birthday on December 30th and of all the rotten luck, she ended up in the Hospital.
She stepped on a piece of glass a few day's before and it became infected. Because of her diabetes, it became a dangerous emergency situation. She had surgery at IMC the next day and has now been moved to rehab here in Bountiful at Orchard Cove which is up 5th south just above South Davis Hospital. The hole is quite extensive and can take up to a year to heal. She is unsure for now if they will do a skin graft to fill it in, or just try let it heal from the inside out. She most likely won't be able to walk on it for quite a while.  Cards, calls and visits of well wishes would help boost her spirits. Orchard Cove #801-299-4800

Swollen but Smiling!

Sue G. had her surgery to replace the bone flap in her head Tuesday. She was able to move out of ICU to acute care 
room 3116.
She had hoped to come home today but the Doctor's decided she needed to stay one more night and can hopefully come home tomorrow. She is hoping this will help remedy the double vision she is experiencing. 
She and Brad again thank all of you for your many prayers on her behalf. 
U of U #801-582-1565

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