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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book of Mormon Class

Taught by Karen P.

     The book of Alma comes from the plates of Mormon.  It is an abridgment of the records of alma the Younger and his son Helaman.  the book begins with an account of the Nephite nation during a time of peace under the recently-established reign of judges.  Alma the Younger was the first of these new judges and the keeper of the sacred records.  The book concludes with Alma's grandson, Helaman taking possession of the sacred records, and the Nephites and Lamanite at war.

     In chapter 1 & 2 we see the effects of those who are humble followers of Jesus Christ and those who are prideful. From the persuasions of Nehor and Amlici leading the people in pride and to their eventual demise, to the humble Nephites who prospered.
     President Howard W. Hunter counseled: "We must not allow ourselves to focus on the fleeting light of popularity or substitute that attractive glow for the substance of true but often anonymous labor that brings the attention of God, even if it does not get covered on the six o"clock news.  In fact, applause and attention can become the spiritual Achilles Heel of even the most gifted among us."
     Elder Neal A. Maxwell warned, "Being popular can become narcotic. We can come to crave it and to need the frequent fixes brought by the world's praise and caresses of recognition.""Humility is not the disavowal of our worth; rather, it is the sober realization of how much we are valued by God."

     The blessings of humility are peace and strength given to us by Our Heavenly Father.
     *Take the challenge to go one week, one day, one hour, without being prideful, without comparing yourself to others, without looking at yourself as the world sees you but rather as the Lord sees you.  Lean on the arm of the Lord, depend on his perspective to define who you are, rather than the world.  It could be a life changing and defining experience for all of us!

Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. 
It  means you think of yourself  less.
                                  -  Ken Blanchard

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