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Monday, March 31, 2014

Know Your Neighbor ~ Novaks

Aaron and Brin Novak moved into our neighborhood last month. They bought the Koford’s home on Willow Wood Dr. Before moving to Centerville, they lived for eight years in Orem, UT. They moved to Centerville to be closer to Aaron’s work as he works in downtown Salt Lake.

Aaron was born in Oregon. He is the youngest child in his family and has two brothers and two sisters. He served his mission in the Sydney South, Australia mission. He currently works at Rumor Advertising as the Director of Online Marketing. He enjoys four-wheeling, spending time with his son, and camping. He is a Real Salt Lake fan, a Jazz fan, and a foodie.

Brin was born in Salt Lake City, but grew up in Holbrook, Idaho. She is the fourth child of seven and has five brothers and one sister. She is a convert to the church and was baptized at the age of 19. Brin studied business management at Utah Valley University and works part-time from home writing for a marketing company called Orange soda. She likes to bike, camp, and participate in triathlons, but hasn’t gotten to in a while as she is now busy being a stay at home mom. She is looking forward to decorating her new home and trying her hand at gardening in the big garden the Koford’s left behind.

Aaron and Brin aren’t the type of people who work out at a gym to meet people, but that is exactly where they met. They were both living in Orem and met at the Orem Rec Center. At first, they kind of ignored each other because of the no picking people up at the gym philosophy. But, one day Aaron kept walking by the treadmill Brin was on waiting for her to finish up her workout and Brin kept walking on the treadmill hoping he’d come up and talk to her. Finally she got off the treadmill and they met. They dated for two years and were married in the Salt Lake Temple. They have been married for eight years.

Kai is 20 months. He likes getting into everything he can, climbing, four-wheeling, and watering the chickens they inherited from the Kofords.

As a family, the Novaks like to go four-wheeling, go to the park, and take walks. Brin and Aaron have a couple of websites that sell natural energy and herbal products.

Welcome to the Willow Wood Ward Novak family! We are so happy to have you in our neighborhood.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Neighborhood Progressive Dinner

What a Great Night!!
Great food and even better company!

We all met at Leila's house for appetizers.

Some delicious yumminess was set out 
waiting for us!

These little sausage rolls looked kind of strange on a bed of carmely nut goodness
but OH MY!!! SO TASTY!!! 
Some of us said we would like to eat the whole pan full!!

There were even awesome edemame beans!

After the appetizers, we pulled a number from a jar to see which house you were to go to for dinner.

A Big Thank you to all our house host! 

This was the beautiful table setting 
at Sue G.'s house.
We had creamy chicken over rice with 
steamed veggies.

We don't have pictures of the other host houses but want to thank;
 Sherri R., Karen P., Sharon G. and Karen E. 
for being dinner hosts.

We then drew another paper to tell us our assigned house for desert.

Thanks goes to;
 Jenny N. who served us a yummy Neilsons sundae bar, Linda A. had delicious pear tarts and Terry S. and Tina B. who served awesome pie!

Everyone had such a great time visiting we didn't want to go home!! 

Thank you to our wonderful Relief Society Meeting Committee for organizing this fun activity!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mitten Strings to God ~ Family Journal

Do your kids say funny things? Do their ideas and likes change from year to year? Do you like to talk about "remember when"?

It's fun to see how life changes as we move forward. 
If you have trouble keeping a journal or you want to help encourage your kids to learn the joy of keeping a journal here's an idea -

Place a notebook or journal on your kitchen counter or somewhere visually accessible. Once a day you can ask your kids if they have something they would like to write in the journal. Give them starter questions to get them going.
In the morning-
  • Ask them if they had a dream they remember
  • What is their favorite cereal and why?
  • Are they excited for school today?
After school-
  • Did anything happen at school you would like to write about?
  • Who did you eat lunch with?
  • How did you do on your test?
  • Do you like your teacher?
  • Are there any cute boys/girls in your class?
  • What are your concerns at school?
  • What was the best part about your day?
Evening or anytime-
  • What's your favorite thing to do?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What is your favorite song?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • What is your favorite game to play?
  • What is your favorite sport?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Significance of the Scrament

Taught by Terry S.
(Sorry this is a bit long but all the comments were great and we wanted to share them.)

Joseph Smith said, "In my judgment the sacrament meeting is the most sacred, the most holy, of all the meetings of the Church.  When I reflect upon the gathering of the Savior and his apostles on that memorable night when he introduced the sacrament; when I think of that solemn occasion, my heart is filled with wonderment and my feelings are touched. I consider that gathering one of the most solemn and wonderful since the beginning of time." 

I heard an interview on the Mormon Channel and the girl being interviewed said she attended the Pentecostal Church with her father and the LDS Church with her mother. She said she preferred the Pentecostal Church because it was quite entertaining and she felt that the LDS Church was quite boring. She was probably a teen at the time. The Pentecostal Church had live music etc.  Sometimes I think that we become so routine that we forget to remember the sacredness and importance of the Sacrament and why we are taking it. I wondered what some of you do to help remind yourself about the sacrament. 

Comment #1: In our Sunday school class we have talked about how living the Gospel isn't always so hard, but focusing on the Gospel takes more effort. We have decided as a class to try to always take the 20 minutes during the quiet time of the Sacrament to thoughtfully focus on the Gospel. 

Comment #2: Our Home Teacher's gave us a slip of paper with three things on it to think about during the sacrament. I keep this paper in my scriptures to pull out as a reminder to think about them when the sacrament is being passed.  
The questions are: 
  • What have I done this week that has pleased God?
  • What do I need to repent of or ask forgiveness for?
  • Whom would God like me to serve? 

Comment #3: I don't do this very often but when I do it is amazing; it is almost too late if you wait until the sacrament starts, but, when I prepare ahead, and it doesn't take very much, just consciously thinking about it ahead of time, on your way to Church even, just think, I would like to feel closer to my Savior today, I would like to feel the spirit. It brings a conscience awareness to you that helps you be more receptive during the whole sacrament meeting especially during the sacrament.

One of the things that Joseph Fielding Smith talks about a lot in this lesson is the Last Supper. He talks about imagining himself being there. I am sure that would give us a more urgent sense of how important the sacrament is if we had been there. I wonder if the apostles realized how important it was. There are only a few short scriptures that have much to do with the sacrament so it really has to be something that comes from within. 


Joseph Fielding Smith also said, "I have seen two members of the congregation start a conversation, stop long enough for the blessing to be ask on the water or the bread, then start again on their conversation. This is shocking to me and I'm sure it is to the Lord." 

Comment #4: I remember President Kimball said that he was in a Sacrament  Meeting and there was a bird out the open window and he was drawn to watch it. When they brought the sacrament he said he didn't feel like he was worthy to take it because he had been focused on the bird and not the sacrament. That really brought to me to how we should not be casually taking the sacrament.

It is our duty to carefully and thoughtfully consider the nature of the sacrament prayers when we hear them offered in our meetings. There are four very important things we covenant to do each time we partake of these emblems, and in partaking, there is the token that we subscribe fully to the obligations, and thus they become binding upon us. 
These are as follows:
1. We eat in remembrance of the body of Jesus Christ, promising that we will always remember His wounded body slain upon the cross.

2. Wee drink in remembrance of the blood which was shed for the sins of the world, which atoned for the transgression of Adam, and which frees us from our own sins on condition of our true repentance.

3. We covenant that we will be willing to take upon us the name of the Son and always remember Him. In keeping this covenant we promise that we will be called by His name and never do anything that would bring shame or reproach upon that name.

4. We covenant that we will keep His commandments which He has given us; not one commandment, but that we will be willing to live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God."

If we will do these things then we are promised the continual guidance of the Holy Ghost, and if we will not do these things we will not have that guidance.

Comment #5Sometimes I think we feel like the prayers on the bread and water are the same because we get so used to hearing them but if you look at them they are very different. The promises are different and the things we promise are different.

Comment #6: When I was a young mom struggling to get through sacrament meeting with my children, I was sitting next to an older women who's children were grown and I was gripping a little about my situation. She said her children were not making the best choices and she would give anything to have them there with her on the bench at Sacrament Meeting. That really made me change my perspective on what I was doing.  

We do have a hard time when we have children, if we can simply focus on why we are doing it and that we are setting an example and teaching our children. They will get used to, "This is what we do on Sunday". 

*What can parents do to help their children be reverent during the sacrament.

Comment #7I remember practicing being reverent at home so we could do it when we went to church. We would practice sitting and looking at a book while being quite. I also made sure it was more fun inside the chapel than out!

*How do you teach your children about why we take the sacrament?  

Comment #8: I think talking about those three questions mentioned to think about during the sacrament is a good place to start with your children.

*How do the covenants that you make during the sacrament help influence your life. 

Comment #9: If we are thinking about those three questions it would definitely help me think about how I am behaving and living the Gospel. 

Comment #10: My daughter taught me to read the words to the sacrament songs because it really tells us about it and what we should be doing.

Comment #11: Something I have had to do is pray to think of Jesus throughout the day, or if it is a weakness that I need to be working on that I make a promise and ask for help during the sacrament.

Comment #12: There was a Visiting Teaching message about a women who wanted to give up the habit of gossip, so for years during the sacrament she would review if she had done that. Many years later she overheard some people saying they had never heard a harsh word about anyone come out of her mouth, by then she had almost forgotten that she had even had to work on that. If we are working on getting rid of, or trying to develop something, the sacrament is a good time to reflect on it and commit to do it again to become more like the Savior. 

I remember a story about a member that couldn't take the sacrament for a period of time because they had been dis-fellowshiped and when the day came that they could take it again, the Bishop watched from the stand as they took the sacrament. He said, as they partook of the sacrament the tears just began to flow. It meant so much to them. They no longer took it for granted as many of us do. 

Joseph Fielding Smith said of the Last Supper, "There the Savior taught them (the apostles) of his coming sacrifice, which in their bewilderment they could not understand. He plainly told them of his death and that his blood should be shed, and this was said in the very hour of his agony for the sins of the world. It was a very solemn occasion; there the sacrament was instituted, and the disciples were commanded to meet together often and commemorate the death and sufferings of Jesus Christ, for his sacrifice was for the redemption of the world."


Let us remember to be mindful of observing the sacrament and our opportunity to become closer to our Savior; thinking of his sacrifice for us and repenting and making promises with him of things we want to improve on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book of Mormon ~ 3 Nephi Chapter 10

Taught by Sue G.

Silence is a very effective way to get peoples attention and to promote meditation and serious analyzing. Perhaps you've been in attendance at a general conference of the Church when the prophet entered the Tabernacle on the conference center and you "heard" the silence as it spread throughout the building by way of respect and honer for him.  There will be silence in heaven for the space of half an hour just before the Saviors second coming  (D&;C 88:15)

The Saviors love comes again to these people reminding them of how often He has gathered his people and blessed them in times past.  He also invite them to repent and return to him and enjoy the warmth and comfort He has for them.  He compares this warmth and security to chicks gathered under the soft warm secure wing of a mother hen. (3 Nephi 10:3-4)

There is symbolism in all the noises and groaning, eventually and tearings etc in vs 9  It can be symbolic of what happens to a persons soul as he or she goes through deep godly sorrow for sin during the process of repenting. Such deep concern for sin causes cleansing and permanent change for the better. Paul describes these aspects of godly sorrow to the Corinthians. (2 Cor 7 10:11)

After having gone through godly sorrow for sin, as described by Paul it is absolutely necessary to allow ones self to advance to the joy and thanksgiving described in verse 10.  This is one of the cleanest verse of all scripture in teaching the next step of repentance after godly sorrow. (3 Nephi 10:10)

As we approach the 2nd coming, many wonder when the line will be drawn between who will be burned and who will be spared. We understand the more righteous to be these who are at least living a terrestrial lifestyle feel a description of this lifestyle. (D&C 73:71-80)

Occasionally a student of the Book of Mormon will become confused about the timing of the Savior's visit to the Nephites and Lamanites in 3 Nephi because of verse 18.  The phrase "in the ending of the 30 and 4th year is the source of concern since the destruction and 3 days of darkness began in the thirty and fourth year in the first month on the fourth  day of the month (3 Nephi 8:5). Some wonder if it was right after or one year later. At the end of verse 18 Mormon says that the visit came soon after the ascension of Christ.

The fact that the multitude had gathered at the temple and were pointing out to each other the great changes that had occurred is evidence that this was an event immediately following the resurrection of our Lord.  If this event had occurred one year later, the multitude would have been perfectly familiar with these great changes, and they would not have been so awed by them.  It as in great astonishment and wonder that they had gathered and were pointing out to each other what had occurred.

Moreover it is contrary to reason that Jesus would make the Nephites and Lamanites, who had been faithful, wait for one whole year before he would make his appearance and give them instruction in relation to the closing of the period in which the law of Moses was in force, and the period when the fulness of the gospel was ushered in.

Monday, March 10, 2014

No Other Gods ~ Same Sex Attraction ~ Dallin H. Oaks

Taught by Jeanine M.

Should we care that marriage defined as being between a man and a woman is changing?
Elder Oaks does.

Last conference, he gave a bold talk that was in defense of a traditional family. He also gave a speech at the Canterbury Medal dinner in which he was honored as one who fights to protect religious expression.

In this speech he explains why we should care that marriage is being redefined: it is directly related to religious freedom. It may be seen as prejudicial to only perform marriages between a man and a woman. Imagine if the government required that all religions perform marriages for any type of union. What would this do to our temples? We would not be allowed to practice our religious belief that marriage is between and man and a woman.

In his conference talk, 
Elder Oaks explains the doctrine.

First, he clearly defines the role marriage has in the plan of salvation. “For Latter-day Saints, God’s commandments are based on and inseparable from God’s plan…..of happiness. Our theology begins with heavenly parents, and our highest aspiration is to attain the fullness of eternal exaltation. We know this is possible only in a family relationship. We look on marriage and the bearing and nurturing of children as part of God’s plan.”

Next, he explains some of the current trends in that populations are declining. Average age for marriage is increasing and that “the traditional family is coming to be the exception rather than the rule.” He expresses concern that the role of fathers is being diminished and more young women are putting careers ahead of families.

He reminds us that all men are free to choose and that we should be compassionate and charitable  toward others. 

He reminds us of the law of chastity and that the standard is “that sexual relations should occur only between and man and a woman who are married.” He says, “the importance we attach to the law of chastity explains our commitment to the pattern of marriage that originated with Adam and Eve.”

He finishes with a section on understanding that “Man’s laws cannot make moral what God has declared immoral. He reminds us that just as there used to be laws in states and countries against adultery and fornication that are no longer on the books, we are still required to obey those laws because they are God-given. “Similarly, laws legalizing so-called “same-sex” marriage do not change God’s law of marriage.”

In his speech at the Canterbury dinner, Elder Oaks refers to some verses of scripture in Mark 12: 14-17. Christ is teaching us that we have obligations to civil government as well as to divine authority. He said “the two-sided coin reminds us of our two-fold duties to truth and to tolerance. In our efforts to strengthen religious freedom, we must always remember that the truth of our cause does not free us from our duty of tolerance toward those who differ.”

We need to dispel some of the myths regarding homosexuals. On you can listen to those who have struggled with same sex attraction. Even many who have received help through their father in Heaven to be able to have a loving intimate heterosexual marriage and family in the Gospel. One man that is on that sight, tells his story and he decides to put God first. He says, “My need for God was first, more than my need for companionship.”  We can offer to help those that want it and continue to practice charity and tolerance to those who don’t want to change. It is a difficult to stand for what we believe and at the same time show tolerance for those who believe differently.

Elder Oaks’ talk began with the ten commandments: 

“Thou shalt have no other God before me.” Then in Matthew again it is repeated, “Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might mind and soul.”

He poses the question to all of us: 
“What other priorities are being served ahead of 
God in our day?”

There is a reason he has called us to action---we need to know and have a testimony of the family and marriage. We need to know that following the plan of happiness set forth by our father in heaven should be our ultimate and first priority in life.

We had such a great discussion! Since this lesson, I came across an interesting article that helps shed light on this topic from the point of view of someone who is not LDS.

Here is another link to more information on "Same Sex Attraction" from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints:

It is important that we study and know the doctrine of the Plan of Happiness and the position the Church holds on 'Same sex attraction' so that we can teach our families compassion and charity while upholding the gospel stand on this important issue. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Know Your Neighbor ~ Wallace's

Chad and Corinne Wallace have lived in our neighborhood for eight years. Before moving to Centerville, they lived in Bountiful, UT.

Chad grew up in Centerville, UT. He is the oldest child in his family and has two younger sisters. He attended Viewmont High School and Weber State University. He has a Masters in Accounting and currently works for Progrexion. Chad enjoys biking,
snow skiing, and waterskiing.

Corinne also grew up in Centerville, UT. She actually grew up in our ward. She is the oldest in her family and has two younger sisters and a younger brother. Corinne attended Viewmont High School and got her Associates Degree in Nursing from Utah Career College. She works one shift a week at LDS Hospital in the Bone Marrow Transplant and Oncology unit. Corinne likes to read (especially mysteries), craft, go
boating, play with her kids, and utilize her salsa garden.

Chad and Corinne met on the bus to Weber State. They were both commuting back and forth to school and looking for someone good to sit next to and found each other. They will have been married 10 years in May and have two children.

Connor is 4. He likes Legos, preschool, biking, playing with friends, dressing up like Spiderman or a doctor, and pretending.

Alexis is 9 months. She likes to sit, talk, and mouth things. She is trying to figure out how to crawl, but isn’t quite there just yet.

As a family, the Wallace’s like spending time outside. They like to go boating, take vacations—especially to Disneyland, camp, and ride bikes. They also enjoy trying out new restaurants.

We are glad to have the Wallace family in our neighborhood.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

pinterest ~ December, January & February

Here are some of our fun 
Neighborhood Pinterest Projects
that we have done in the last few months:

December was held at Kim E.'s house.
Thanks a million Kim!


In December we Made these totally adorable yarn snowmen!!
Also a fun wooden birthday calendar wall hanging that you could rotate upcoming birthdays on the pegs making it so you could always know who's birthday is coming up!
*(Sorry I don't have a photo of that.)

January brought about some great 
Valentine's projects.
Thank you to Melanie P. for hosting!

Look how fun the banner turned out!
Talk about make your house look fun for the 
Love Month!!!

The pillow and wreath turned out simply awesome!

Jeanine M. hosted for the Month of February.
Thanks Jeanine for a really organized, fun morning of crafting and visiting!

We made some fun spring jars to decorate with.
You can fill them with flowers, candies, utensils, makeup brushes, etc.....
.... or just set them out looking cute on their own!


This was another project necessitating some spray paint action in the garage. We were painting jar lids with soap pumps to make some fun new soap dispensers.

 Look how great they turned out.
Jeanine also food colored a larger mason jar to go with her soap dispenser.
She showed us how simple it was to do!
We were all amazed. It looks so cool!! Like a vintage aged mason jar.


We also made simple children's card holders,
a "helping tiny hands tool" for playing Old Maid, Uno and such!

*Such a creative way to hold the clips while drying don't you think!

 They have been a real hit with the kids!!!


If you are thinking, 
"That looks fun! I would love to do that!"  
Come and join us!!!

Or if you just want some good ole, hang out with the girls time, it's awesome, just come and 
visit together with us!
Email Sydney and let her know. She can hook you up with all the information you need to join!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 2014 Calendar

Tuesdays:          Book of Mormon class
                            7:30 PM @ Sue Green's home

Wednesdays:     Neighborhood Play Group*  
                            10:00 AM @ the church

Thursday 13th:   Neighborhood Pinterest Group* 
                             9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
                            Contact Sydney Garner @ 801-597-0431 for info

Friday 14th:        Ward Adult Family History Night 
                             6:30 PM @ the church

Thursday 20th:   Ronald McDonald House Service                              Project                            
                       Meet at the church @ 9 AM
                                   We will be making lunches for the residents and their
                                   parents.  (The house is for people who live out of 
                                   town to stay in when they have a family member 
                                   in the hospital)

Saturday 29th:    General Women's Broadcast
                                   6:00 PM @ The Stake Center
                                   Dinner will be served first.
                                  This is for ALL Women, Young Women and 
                                  girls age 8 and up
 * Activities that are neighborhood special interest groups.