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Sunday, March 2, 2014

pinterest ~ December, January & February

Here are some of our fun 
Neighborhood Pinterest Projects
that we have done in the last few months:

December was held at Kim E.'s house.
Thanks a million Kim!


In December we Made these totally adorable yarn snowmen!!
Also a fun wooden birthday calendar wall hanging that you could rotate upcoming birthdays on the pegs making it so you could always know who's birthday is coming up!
*(Sorry I don't have a photo of that.)

January brought about some great 
Valentine's projects.
Thank you to Melanie P. for hosting!

Look how fun the banner turned out!
Talk about make your house look fun for the 
Love Month!!!

The pillow and wreath turned out simply awesome!

Jeanine M. hosted for the Month of February.
Thanks Jeanine for a really organized, fun morning of crafting and visiting!

We made some fun spring jars to decorate with.
You can fill them with flowers, candies, utensils, makeup brushes, etc.....
.... or just set them out looking cute on their own!


This was another project necessitating some spray paint action in the garage. We were painting jar lids with soap pumps to make some fun new soap dispensers.

 Look how great they turned out.
Jeanine also food colored a larger mason jar to go with her soap dispenser.
She showed us how simple it was to do!
We were all amazed. It looks so cool!! Like a vintage aged mason jar.


We also made simple children's card holders,
a "helping tiny hands tool" for playing Old Maid, Uno and such!

*Such a creative way to hold the clips while drying don't you think!

 They have been a real hit with the kids!!!


If you are thinking, 
"That looks fun! I would love to do that!"  
Come and join us!!!

Or if you just want some good ole, hang out with the girls time, it's awesome, just come and 
visit together with us!
Email Sydney and let her know. She can hook you up with all the information you need to join!

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