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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Witnesses of Jesus Christ

Taught by Becky S.

President Joseph Fielding Smith didn't know his grandparents, Hyrum and Mary Smith. They both died at a young age. He learned everything about his grandparents and the Prophet Joseph Smith through the example of his father, Prophet Joseph F. Smith, and stories told by his Aunt Mercy Thompson. "These examples and teachings led Joseph Fielding Smith to have a testimony of the restored gospel in his childhood.

Today we don't have the luxury of knowing the Prophet Joseph Smith personally, just like President Joseph Fielding Smith. But as we read accounts of those who have and listen to other people's testimonies, our testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith can be strengthened. It is also important to share and write down our own personal testimonies so that our future posterity can benefit from those accounts.

I love the testimony President Smith shares of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He says "Do I love the Prophet Joseph Smith? Yes, I do, as my father did before me. I love him because he was the servant of God and because of the restoration of the gospel and because of the benefits and blessings that have some to me and mine, and to you and yours, through  the blessings that were bestowed upon this man and those who were associated with him."

Everyone has the opportunity to have a knowledge of the Prophet Joseph Smith's role in bringing forth the gospel in these latter days. President Smith said "Every soul upon the face of the earth who has a desire to know it has the privilege, for every soul that will humble himself, and in the depths of humility and faith, with a contrite spirit, go before the Lord, will receive that knowledge just as surely as he lives."

Joseph and Hyrum Smith had an amazing relationship with each other. Hyrum stood by his brother Joseph from the very beginning and was with him till the very end. "Through [Hyrum's] life he stood by the side of his brother Joseph and strengthened him by encouragement, faith and devoted love. Hyrum was a man of wonderful tenderness of heart. He possessed deep humility and love his brother better than he love his own life...No honor came to Joseph Smith that was not shared by Hyrum who rejoiced with his brother in all the blessings of the Lord bestowed upon him. This same quality of brotherly love was shown by the Prophet Joseph for his brother Hyrum. They passed through the same sorrows  and joys together. the same persecutions descended upon them both."

The Prophet Joseph Smith said "I could pray in my heart that all my brethren were like unto my beloved brother Hyrum, who possesses the mildness and humility of Christ and I love him with that love that is stronger than death, for I never had occasion to rebuke him, nor he me."

Joseph and Hyrum Smith were witnesses of Jesus Christ. They were both called to be "a Prophet, and a Seer, and a Revelator" unto the Lord's church. They gave their lives for the gospel and sealed their testimonies with their blood. Like President Joseph Fielding Smith may we all "want to be an instrument in the Lord's hands of letting the ends of the earth know that salvation is again available because the Lord raised up a might seer in this day to reestablish his kingdom on earth." And may "we raise our voices in thanksgiving for the lives and ministries of the Prophet Joseph Smith, of Hyrum Smith the Patriarch, and of the prophets and apostles and righteous men and women who have built on the foundation they laid."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Recipe ~ Sweet Sausage Rolls

For those who wanted the yummy recipe from the Progressive Dinner,
Here it is:

Sweet Sausage Rolls

  •  1 tube (8 ounces) refrigerated crescent rolls
  •  24 miniature smoked sausage links
  •  1/2 cup butter, melted
  •  3 tablespoons honey
  •  3 tablespoons brown sugar  


  1. Unroll crescent dough and separate into triangles; cut each lengthwise into three triangles. Place sausages on wide end of triangles; roll up tightly.
  2. Combine the remaining ingredients in an 11-in. x 7-in. baking dish. Arrange sausage rolls, seam side down, in butter mixture. Bake, uncovered, at 400° for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown. Yield: 2 dozen.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Message

Jesus Christ Lives!
He lived for us, he died for us.
He lives again for us.

Happy Easter!! 

Click the link below to view the video:

We can "be more than we could ever be and...
do that which we could never do."
~Elder Bednar~

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 2014 Calendar

April 12th:            Family History Fair
                              9 AM-4PM at the Stake Center

April 13th:            New Family History Class Begins

April 17th:           Spring into Budgeting and Beyond RS Activity
                               7PM at the Church, husbands are invited, nursery provided

April 26th-27th:  Stake Conference

May 4th:               Neighborhood Walk About Starts  

May 7th:               Fireside
                              7 PM, everyone is invited to attend

May 15th:             RS Temple Night
                              Dinner at 5:30PM followed by the 6:30 PM session
Ongoing Activities-

Tuesdays:          Book of Mormon Class
                             7:30 PM at Sue Green's home

Wednesdays:    Neighborhood Play Group*  
                            10:00 AM at the Church. Call Shannon Page at 801-295-5962                                                 for more information.

April 10th:          Pinterest Craft Group*
                             9AM-11AM every 2nd Thursday of the month.
                             Call Sydney Garner at 801-597-0431 for more information.
 *Activities that are neighborhood special interest groups.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Book of Mormon Class ~ 3 Nephi Chapter 11

Taught by Sue G.

The appearance of the resurrected Savior to the people of Nephi is recorded in chapters 11~26.

We are given a description of Heavenly Fathers voice as He bears witness of His Son to those who have gathered around the Temple in the land of Bountiful.

Jesus extends an invite to each of the 500 people assembled there to come forth individually and feel the wound in his side and the prints of the nails in his hands and feet. He will then teach them to avoid contention and will bear witness of the Father to them. Finally He will teach them the first principles of the gospel. 3 Nephi 11:1-2

The people are privileged to hear the Fathers voice bearing witness of the Son. Thus join the select few including Peter, James and John (Mount of transfiguration) (Matthew 17:5) and Joseph Smith (JS History 1:17) who have been privileged to hear his voice during their mortal lives. Next Mormon describes his voice and its effect on the people who heard it. In some detail. The people will not understand the voice until the third time they hear it.      3 Nephi 11:3-4

As you read verse 5 next note what they did differently this time which enabled them to understand the voice the third time they heard it.

There are many lessons which could be taught from what the people did in verse 5 which led to their understanding the voice . One lesson might be that they opened their spiritual ears and focused completely toward heaven, tuning out all distractions  This would certainly be an example of how we may receive revelation and inspiration from above.

We will now listen to the message from the Father regarding his beloved son. then watch the savior come. 3 Nephi 11:7-12

In other words it finally according to them what was happening that the prophecies about Jesus appearing were actually being fulfilled in front of their very eyes. 3 Nephi 11:13-15

There is much symbolism in this scene. One of the the most important symbolic messages is the worth of each individual, in the sight of God. One of Satan's most devastating goals is to do away with the worth of the individual.

The word, Hosanna, used in verse 17, has much significance in our day. We give the hosanna shout when we dedicate a new temple. It has the meaning, 'save us now' and the waving of the white handkerchief is a symbolism for the waving of the palm in ancient days greeting a king as he arrived.

3 Nephi 11:18-22 Official Baptism is put in place.

One of the first major messages to the people of Nephi here is that of avoiding contention. He warns that Satan uses contention as one of his very successful tools against us. When the spirit of contention enters one can immediately feel the withdrawal of the spirit. 3 Nephi 11:29-30

The Lord describes his doctrine as repentance and baptism.  In similar language in 2 Nephi 31, Nephi described what he called "The Doctrine of Christ". He included faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost, scripture study and enduring to the end . Later in his visit to the book of Mormon people, the Lord repeated these same principles and labeled them "My gospel". These principles remind us of Articles of Faith 1~4.

The Savior warns us not to twist change or water down his doctrine. 3 Nephi 11:40-41

*What is the difference between the spirit of contention and a discussion to resolve a disagreement?

*How can people disagree without becoming contentious?

These verses are commonly known as the Beatitudes. The word "blessed" among other things means to be happy. Therefore each time we read "blessed are" in the Beatitudes we can think "happy are".

Here are two lessons
A- Those who mourn the loss of a loved one will be comforted by the Spirit.
B- Those who mourn for their sins and thus repent are comforted by the forgiveness which they obtain.

The word meek can be defined a being patient and mild not inclined to anger or resentment. It is also often defined as being teachable voluntarily humble. Thus being meek implies being kind, pleasant and humble from a position of deep inner strength.

Things we can learn from this verse-
A- Happy are the people who didn't plateau in their striving for personal righteousness.
B- Happy are the people who truly want to be good.
c- Happy are those who continually strive others righteously.
d- Righteous in scriptures is sometimes a synonym for God(2 Nephi 26:9).
Therefore, to hunger and thirst after righteous common man to Christ the result of which is being with the Holy Ghost who bears witness of Him.

Merciful behavior toward others is a sign of true personal righteousness. Sincere mercy offered to others is a very strong purifier of the soul.

"Heart" is often used in scriptures to represent the true inner person. Thus, true personal purity in thought and action are required to see God and to ultimately be in his presence.

Whether or not you are a peace maker is a significant measure of personal spirituality. Also, the more pure you become, the more offensive contention becomes. Verses 10-11 go together. It would seem that being persecuted is sometimes a significant indicator that the members of the Church are doing well at living the Gospel. 

It is helpful to know that salt in Old Testament culture among other things represents covenants  the following quote from the Book Of Mormon student manual is helpful "In the Mosaic sacrificial ritual, salt was a token of covenants with God (Numbers 18:19). In a similar sense, Saints should be tokens on symbols of the Christ like life (D&C 101:39-40) indicates what one must do to be accounted as the salt of the earth. A little salt is a powerful influence in making a whole meal taste better. Therefore one aspect of symbolism here is that salt makes the environment better. So also, true saints make their environment better and more pleasant for those around them.

3 Nephi 12:13
This is rather stern warning that members of the church who don't keep their covenants in other words, who loose their savor will ultimately be called on scattered and smitten either by others or by Satan or both.

In verses 14-16 the Savior teaches the people of Nephi the importance of living the Gospel in order to help others see its value. It has been said that what people see is far more important than what they hear in the lives of members as far as influencing them to desire to know more about the church.

We are taught a very vital lesson about the value of being a peacemaker and of the terrible poison we put on ourselves in if we refuse. This counsel you will see several differences between 3 Nephi 12:25-26. Such self built persons often make it nearly impossible for you to even rationally and clearly. Thus you are emotionally immobilized and find it very difficult to work your way out.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ronald McDonald House Sevice

The Ronald McDonald Home is a non-profit organization that provides a home for out of town families of children that are in the hospital. 
The cost of hospital care is so enormous that adding the cost of a Hotel to sleep at while being there for your child is a huge extra burden.
The home provides a place to stay, breakfast, dinner and sack lunches to take with them for their long days at the hospital. It costs $74 per night to house a family. They are only asked to contribute $15 to help defray that cost. If they are unable to pay because of mounting medical bills, they are never turned away. This is such a huge blessing in the lives of these families. They are not only under such a financial burden but and emotional strain as well. They have some reprieve and support at the group home.


We went in and made up 25 lunches to be ready for them to grab and go.

They are always in need of many kinds of help.
If you are interested in giving service, you can click on the link below:

Ronald McDonald House