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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Lesson by Terry S.

Recently I read an article in the Deseret News that stated that between 1999 and 2010, there was a 400 percent increase in women's prescription painkiller deaths.
Women are more likely than men to suffer from chronic diseases, be prescribed pain medication, use medication for long periods of time and become dependent, the CDC reported.
Dr. Scott Ericksen at Lakeview Hospital said, "It's an epidemic here in Utah.  It's an epidemic here in the United States."

The Epstein-Barr virus became the malady of the 1980's.  The victims are plagued by low-grade fevers, aching joints, and sometimes a sore throat.  They're overwhelmingly exhausted, weak, and debilitated.  They're often confused and forgetful- many patients feel suicidal, but it isn't clinical depression.  Female victims outnumber males about 3 to 1.
Fibromyalgia became widespread in the 1990's. More than 12 million Americans have fibromyalgia.  Most of them are women ranging in age from 25 to 60.  Women are 10 times more likely to get this disease than men.  Symptoms include: aching, crippling fatigue, abdominal pain, chronic headaches, dryness in the mouth, nose and eyes, hypersensitivity to cold and/or heat, inability to concentrate, disturbances in restful sleep, and depression.
All of these illnesses have been referred to as stress-related.

In an article written by Patricia Holland titled, One Needful Thing, she says, "Too many of us are struggling and suffering, too many running faster that they have strength, expecting too much of themselves.  We must have the courage to be imperfect while striving for perfection.  We must not allow our own guilt, the talk-show hosts, or the whole media culture to sell us a bill of goods- or rather a bill of no goods.  We can become so side tracked in our compulsive search for identity and self esteem that we really believe it can be found in having perfect figures or academic degrees or professional status or even absolute motherly success."

Obviously the Lord created us with different personalities, as well as differing degrees of energy, interest, health, talent, and opportunity.  So long as we are committed to righteousness and living a life of faithful devotion, we should celebrate these divine differences, knowing they are a gift from God.  We must not feel so frightened, so threatened, and insecure; we must not need to find exact replicas of ourselves in order to feel validated as women of worth.  There are many things over which we can be divided, but one thing is needful for our unity- the empathy and compassion of Jesus Christ.

The prophet Joseph Smith said to the women of the church, "You are now placed in a situation where you can act according to those sympathies which God has planted in your bosoms.  If you live up to these principles how great and glorious!- if you live up to your privilege, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates... if you will be pure, nothing can hinder."

I testify to you that if you will turn to the Savior and forget yourself, putting others first, you will find the promised reward of self-love and self-esteem.
Luke 17:33  "Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snazzy Sister Switcheroo

What a Great Time We Had!!!

We were asked to bring women's clothing and accessories, and children's clothing and items.

There were donations galore from 
everyone's closet clean outs!

All the items were hung up or spread out to walk around and shop through.

It was a gorgeous day!!

We had yummy treats where we could sit, relax and visit after shopping through all the goods!

Look at Mikayla's sweet find!

Terry's going out on a limb trying a new style!
She sacrificed this awesome jacket that Sue brought to Sydney who was excited to snag it for her new soon to be daughter-in-law! 

Look how stylin Becky looks in her Sassy new heals!!

It was a joyous affair for sure!!

All the left over items were donated to the Women's Shelter.

Thank you to our wonderful 
Relief Society Committee:
Linda W.
Linda A.
Sharon G.
Becky S. 
for the great activity!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Book of Mormon Class ~ Helaman 6

Taught by Sue G.

     We see the Lamanites wisely and properly work to eliminate the main source of evil and wickedness among their people.  Note that preaching "the word of God" is a very effective weapon in this war.
     As this chapter opens, the righteous Lamanites preach to the wicked Nephites in Zarahemla, converting many.  For a time the Nephites and Lamanites live together in peace and prosperity.  The gadianton robbers guided by Satan, commit murders and all manner of wickedness and take over the Nephite government.  This chapter provides insights about secret combinations.
     Before this chapter is over we will see a rather complete switch between the Laminates and the Nephites.  The Lamanites will become righteous and wise.  The Nephites will become wicked and foolish.  
     To begin with, the Lamanites will preach the gospel to the Nephites and many will be converted.  There will be a time of wonderful peace and prosperity for both the Nephites and the Lamanites but then there will be political assassinations .  
     The Gadianton robbers will gain strength and power.  Then we see the beginning of the sad transition back toward wickedness.  Many people will apostatize from the Church.

     Perhaps you've noticed what is often referred to as the "Cycle of Apostasy" or "The Pride Cycle" in the Book of Mormon.  We have seen it many times already, and will yet see it more times ahead.  It is as follows almost every time the people become humble and repentant, they prosper.  As they prosper, they become rich and after a time with wealth, they get prideful.  Pride leads to wickedness, wickedness leads to destruction, destruction leads to humility, humility leads to repenting and keeping Gods commandments, which leads to prosperity and around the cycle they go again and again!

     One of the major challenges as a people and as individuals is to avoid the cycle of apostasy.  It can be done.  People who remain humble and faithful despite prosperity are able to avoid going through the cycle repeatedly.  

     Satan is a pervasive presence in the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon confirms that Satan enticed Adam and Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, conspired with Cain to commit murder, motivated the building of the tower of Babel, spread darkness across the globe and put wicked designs into the heart of Gadianton.
     As we are told in this chapter, Satan is truly "the author of all sin". Verse 30 The Book of Mormon identifies a number of characteristics of secret combinations all of which are authored by Satan.  The only way to destroy secret combinations is through preaching the word. (Helaman 6:37)  (Helaman 6:26,29)
     In verse 38, Moroni points out one of Satan's clear goals is to get people to truly believe that there is nothing wrong with sin and wickedness. 

The Book of Mormon was written for our day.  The Nephites never saw it, nor did the Lamanites.  Mormon placed these events in the record for our benefit, in our own day.  We may therefore expect that he knew we would face a similar situation and need to be warned.  And indeed we do.  The earth is ripening in iniquity again.