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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Back to School" Activity

October 18th

You are never to old to learn!

After many years for most of us,
we headed back to the classroom.
Everyone listened as we learned "Math" from Tracy H.
She taught us about saving money by giving us 
lots of tips on how to coupon.

We had "ART" class.

We put our creative powers to work making fun jars.

These jars would then be used in "History" class.

Heidi and Tina paint glass etching on their jars.

Tenneal contemplates the possibilities 
with the many things available to 
decorate her jar with.

Minds were churning.

School was great this time around because we could talk as much as we wanted to while working on our assignments!!

The range of jar decorating creativity ran wild!
This fun one is Sherry R's.

Sue G. taught us about "History". 
She gave us paper to cut up with question strips to spur on thoughts to write in your journal. 
We put these in our newly made "journal jars".

Best of all we even had recess! 
Remember four square??

Sharon goes for "Double Dutch"

Tina had no problem jumping right back in the ropes! 
She had it mastered and got lots of others to try.
Heidi conquered double dutch even though she 
was a little nervous.

In writing class taught by Karen P., we wrote our 
testimonies to glue in Books of Mormon. 
They will be sent to the missionaries that our 
serving from our Ward to give to their investigators.

Won't that be cool for them to have these 
personal books to hand out!

We even had school lunch served by the 
best looking "Lunch Ladies" ever!! gotta love school lunch 
peanut butter fingers!

Everyone had a great time learning, 
creating, visiting and playing!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Book of Mormon Class

Taught by Sue G.
Alma 33

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and came to Earth to atone for our sins and bring to pass the resurrection of the dead.

Alma continues to preach to the poor among the Zoramites. He refers to Zenos, who taught that man should pray and worship in all places. He then refers to Zenock, who taught that mercy is provided as a result of the Savior. Then he refers to Moses, whose dealings with the children of Israel in the wilderness represented the coming Messiah.

We worship god in many places, including our homes, our office, the outdoors, in private places and in congregations. We also worship God in many ways, some of them include worshipping through love and obedience (John 14:15) through reverence and devoted service (3 Nephi 13:24) and through prayer.

Prayer is the very essence of worship, it is through prayer that we show respect for the almighty. It is divine communication between God and all mankind. We submit to Heavenly Father when we call upon Him in gratitude and reverence for all things. (Alma 33:4-11, 34:17-28)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Know your Neighbor / Dunn's

The Dunn Family

Taylor Dunn grew up in Bountiful.  She attended Viewmont High School.  She is the fourth child of six in her family.    She has always loved to swim.  She was on the Viewmont Swim Team for a couple of years.  Taylor also taught swimming lessons and was a life guard.  She has been dancing since she was little.   She took ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance.  She has danced a little bit of everything.  Taylor likes to do crafts or sew in her free time.   Taylor is the daughter of Bishop and Sister Garner. Taylor and the kids are currently living in the Garner's home while Zac is serving in the Army in Texas.
Zac grew up in Brigham City.  He played football and wrestled in high school.  He graduated high school from Box Elder High.  Zac is the third child out of four in his family.  He likes going hunting with his cousins and siblings.  He also likes movies.  He likes to go out to the movies any chance he gets.  Zac also likes golfing.  He is good at a lot of things and well rounded.  He is good at arranging flowers.  Zac’s friends would buy a bouquet from the store and bring it to Zac with a vase and have him make them an arrangement.  Zac is currently in the Army and is stationed in Texas.  

The Garner’s moved to Brigham City after Taylor graduated high school.  Taylor then went to SUU for a year and then moved back in with her parents.  That is how she met Zac.  She teases her parents that they only moved to Brigham City so she could get her husband.  A friend in their ward set them up on a blind date.  They went on a hike for their first date.  They got married in 2008.

In 2010, Oliver was born.  He is now 2 years old.  He loves movies just like his dad.  He likes watching How to Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, and Tarzan to name a few.  He is an active boy and loves to play at the park.  He is very loving especially to baby Hazel.  He is an expert at taking everything out of drawers and cupboards.  He likes bubbles and just got a new bubble gun. 

Hazel was born January 28, 2012.  Her mom says she is a little muffin.  She loves to smile and to kick.  One of her favorite things is to go for a walk in the stroller.  She is a really easy baby. 

As a family the Dunn’s like to go on walks and to the park to play.  They like to play games too.  They go to Zac’s Grandparent’s house to play games.  The Dunn family will be in the ward until the end of January 2013.  Where will they go next?   They had the option to request four places they would like to live.  They chose Italy, Texas, Hawaii, and Germany as their favorites.  Hopefully they can get sent to one of those four places. 

Welcome to the neighborhood Dunn Family.  We are so happy to have you here even if it is only for a short time. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Calendar

The kids have headed back to we can too!

We are excited for our up and coming 
"Back to School" 
Relief Society activity.

It is planned for Thursday October 18th at 7:00pm.

Make sure to mark your calendar's to 
come and join us!!
You won't want to miss out on all the 
fun classes and... RECESS!!

October Schedule

Saturday 6th -      General Conference 10am and 2pm 
Sunday 7th -        General Conference 10am and 2pm

Thursday 11th      Stake Temple Day

Saturday 13th -     Stake Adult Meeting 6:00pm @ Stake Center
Sunday 14th -       Stake Conference 10:00am @ Regional Center

Thursday 18th      Relief Society Activity "Back to School" 7pm @ 

Friday 26th   "Trunk or Treat" 6:30pm @ Church parking 

Wednesday 31st    Halloween

*Every Tuesday    Book of Mormon class 7:30pm @ Sue G's 

*Every second Monday of the Month beginning in November there will be an "Empty Nesters Family Home Evening" 
@ Terry S's home, 7pm

** Plan your calendar for November 3rd's Ward Talent Show
     Contact Brent Johnson if you would like to share a talent that 

*** Ingar D. needs to know ASAP how many would like to order cookbooks. She can't get a cost until she has a number to be ordered. Email her @ 

A Note from your President:

In a recent meeting, we were reminded that visiting teaching is an assignment not an option.
Doing assignments we are given are ways we show our love and dedication to the Lord.
Let us take our "Assignment" to visit teach seriously, showing love one to another as the Lord would have us do!

Thanks for all you do,