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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Back to School" Activity

October 18th

You are never to old to learn!

After many years for most of us,
we headed back to the classroom.
Everyone listened as we learned "Math" from Tracy H.
She taught us about saving money by giving us 
lots of tips on how to coupon.

We had "ART" class.

We put our creative powers to work making fun jars.

These jars would then be used in "History" class.

Heidi and Tina paint glass etching on their jars.

Tenneal contemplates the possibilities 
with the many things available to 
decorate her jar with.

Minds were churning.

School was great this time around because we could talk as much as we wanted to while working on our assignments!!

The range of jar decorating creativity ran wild!
This fun one is Sherry R's.

Sue G. taught us about "History". 
She gave us paper to cut up with question strips to spur on thoughts to write in your journal. 
We put these in our newly made "journal jars".

Best of all we even had recess! 
Remember four square??

Sharon goes for "Double Dutch"

Tina had no problem jumping right back in the ropes! 
She had it mastered and got lots of others to try.
Heidi conquered double dutch even though she 
was a little nervous.

In writing class taught by Karen P., we wrote our 
testimonies to glue in Books of Mormon. 
They will be sent to the missionaries that our 
serving from our Ward to give to their investigators.

Won't that be cool for them to have these 
personal books to hand out!

We even had school lunch served by the 
best looking "Lunch Ladies" ever!! gotta love school lunch 
peanut butter fingers!

Everyone had a great time learning, 
creating, visiting and playing!

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