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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Calendar

Set your calendar's for the 

Relief Society Christmas Social!

We had so much fun last year with the 
White Elephant game 
we are going to do it again!

Bring a white elephant gift
(remember this is something you don't want anymore....the funnier the better!), 
make your favorite holiday recipe 
to share, bring a copy for the blog, 
and if you like, 
bring a Sub for Santa item. 
(We will be gathering items or money to help a family in need. 
Details on this will be forthcoming)

It will be held at Heidi H's house again this year.  
7:00pm on Thursday, November 29th

Happy Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 22

Continuing Interest Groups

Tuesday Evenings - 7:30pm 
Book of Mormon class @ Sue Green's

Monday 12th - 7:00pm 
Empty Nester Family Home Evening @ Terry Salmon's

Thursday 8th - Pinterest Group 

*If you have any questions about these groups,
you can call the coinciding number below.

Presidents Message:

We want to thank those who were able to donate Halloween Costumes for the Women's Shelter. We collected about 30 costumes to help those children that otherwise would not have one!

Also, thank you to all those who donated School Supplies to send with Susan S. to a school in the Caribbean and Karen P. to a school in Mexico. Having those supplies makes learning more viable for these underprivileged areas.

It is so great that we that are so blessed to have the basic necessities and many comforts are so willing to share and help those who are less fortunate!

We have many opportunities around us to help. We know that sometimes people want to help but are unsure of ways to do so. We will be seeking out and offering opportunities for those who are interested in participating on a continuing basis.

Thank you so much for your generosity and all you do!
You are loved!!

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