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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Temporal and Spiritual Blessings from the Word of Wisdom

Taught by Holly S.

Our Heavenly Father gave us the Word of Wisdom to bless us with physical health and prepare us for eternal life.

Our bodies are a gift from our Heavenly Father. The human body is an amazing machine that we need to make sure we are taking care of.  Heavenly Father gave us the Word of Wisdom as counsel and advice for the temporal salvation of our bodies and the preparation of our souls for eternal life.

We received the Word of Wisdom in February 1833.
It is fascinating that the Word of Wisdom was given to us during a time when there was little to no knowledge of nutrition or healthy diets.  In the 1800's many people suffered from diseases caused by the lack of nutritious diets.  The worst enemy of early settlers wasn't weather, travel, hardships or hostile indians---but Scurvy, a disease that could be cured by having Vitamin C in your diet and yet the doctors told people to quit eating fruits and vegetables.  There should be no doubt that the Word of Wisdom came from the Lord.  The Word of Wisdom was an island of truth in a sea of uncertainty.

We receive so many blessings when we obey the Word of Wisdom.  Not only do we feel the physical benefits that come from observing the Word of Wisdom but spiritually we are blessed.  Substances can control a person & hurt relationships and families.  When we make good choices we are not only benefiting ourselves but we have a HUGE impact on our children, spouses, family, co-workers & friends and what choices they make.  We can make a big difference by making healthy choices in our own lives.


The Answer in a Paintbrush
by: John C. Lea

Shortly after joining the Church in England, I found employment in a painting firm run by two brothers skilled in the art of painting advertising designs on trucks, both had the dexterity with a brush that comes from years of experience.  They were not religious men, but they were generous and believed in doing good whenever possible.

 My membership in the Mormon Church was a constant fascination to them.  Both were heavy smokers, and they could not understand why Mormons did not smoke.  Constantly they wanted to know, "Why didn't I smoke? When had I given it up?Had it been easy?"  In my replies I quoted the scriptures and attempted to explain a little about the gospel, but they made it plain that religion was not for them.  One day we were all working on the same vehicle, and George, the elder of the two, began asking questions about my activities in the Church.  Our discussion continued until the mid-morning break, when George lit his cigarette and again asked why I would not have one.  Before I could answer, he was called to the telephone, and I found myself praying in my heart, "Please, dear Lord, give me an answer that will satisfy these men."  George returned and immediately repeated his perennial question, "Why don't you smoke, John?"

I felt inspiration of the Lord as I looked at him and answered: "George, suppose I came to you and asked you to lend me one of your very best brushes, and after I had used it for a period of time, I brought it back to you full of paint.  I had not cared enough to clean it.  What would you think of me?"

He looked at me thoughtfully for a moment, and then quietly replied, "I see your reason now, John."On previous occasions I had quoted from Paul that "no unclean person...hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God" (Eph. 5:5) but the illustration of the brush, a most prized possession of these skilled craftsmen, had succeeded where doctrine had failed.  Although they continued to question me about the gospel, I was never offered cigarettes again.

We are all a prized paintbrush, painting beauty to the world through our children, spouses, neighbors, family and friends.  We need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and keeping our paintbrushes beautiful and clean!  We will be truly blessed if we follow our Heavenly Father's counsel and obey the Word of Wisdom.



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