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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Neighborhood Progressive Dinner

What a Great Night!!
Great food and even better company!

We all met at Leila's house for appetizers.

Some delicious yumminess was set out 
waiting for us!

These little sausage rolls looked kind of strange on a bed of carmely nut goodness
but OH MY!!! SO TASTY!!! 
Some of us said we would like to eat the whole pan full!!

There were even awesome edemame beans!

After the appetizers, we pulled a number from a jar to see which house you were to go to for dinner.

A Big Thank you to all our house host! 

This was the beautiful table setting 
at Sue G.'s house.
We had creamy chicken over rice with 
steamed veggies.

We don't have pictures of the other host houses but want to thank;
 Sherri R., Karen P., Sharon G. and Karen E. 
for being dinner hosts.

We then drew another paper to tell us our assigned house for desert.

Thanks goes to;
 Jenny N. who served us a yummy Neilsons sundae bar, Linda A. had delicious pear tarts and Terry S. and Tina B. who served awesome pie!

Everyone had such a great time visiting we didn't want to go home!! 

Thank you to our wonderful Relief Society Meeting Committee for organizing this fun activity!

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