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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sue's Quilt of Love

Wonderful Karen P. had the brilliant idea of making a 
"Quilt of Love" for Sue.
Everyone's quilt blocks were so fun!

Heres the finished masterpiece!

The quilt was delivered the night before Sue had to go back in for surgery to replace the bone in her skull.
It was such a wonderful, enveloping hug from everyone for her next step in the road to recovery from this near death experience.

Sue's dance with death has been quite an increadable experience for more than just those of us who love her. Her doctors at the U have been shocked right out of their socks! They are now using Sue as a poster patient on brain anurisums. They are writing a paper about her case to share with other doctors to show the hope that you can have when you think there is none. Her doctor literally did not want to operate, feeling that even IF she made it, she would have little to no real quality of life. Fortunately, Brad pleaded with them, and one of the doctors went to bat for he and Sue with the big wig head doctor, even though it could cause him some trouble. They are now using the 'M' word when they talk about Sue. We all know that it was the mercy of the Lord, the power of the priesthood and many, many prayers and fasting with faith on her behalf. Miracles truley do happen.

Karen shared these photos for all to see the wards creative handy work!

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