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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Lesson #33 - Missionary Work

Taught by Mary L.

“And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one should unto me, how great shall be your joy with Him in the Kingdom of my Father.”   D&C 18:15

Since 1955:
* Approximately 435,000 missionaries have entered the mission field, which represents more than 40% of the missionaries who have ever served in this dispensation.
* About 3,800,000 converts have been baptized, which is the equivalent of more than ¼ of the total current membership of the church.
* The total number of missions in the church has increased from 303 to 348.
* The number of converts continues to increase.

It’s amazing how much we have accomplished but there is a lot of work still to do!
For the Saviors mandate to share the gospel to become part of who we are, we need to make member missionary work a way of life.

* Be a missionary all your life.
* Overcome feelings of hesitancy or inadequacy
* Do not be discouraged because missionary work is hard.
* Be a good example and take every opportunity to share the gospel.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, “I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy.”

Make our home a Missionary Training Center: 
* Setting goals
* Learning how to work
* Taking care of emotional health

Missionary work is not just one of the 88 keys on the piano that is occasionally played, it is a major chord in a compelling melody that needs to be played continuously throughout our lives, if we are to remain in harmony with our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I pray that we will follow the Saviors counsel and the prophetic counsel of all the prophets of this dispensation to preach the gospel throughout our lives.

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