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Monday, June 25, 2012

Powerful Promises of the Book of Mormon

Taught by Sue G.
Alma 20

     The Lord commands Ammon to go to Middoni and free Aaron and his missionary companions from prison. On their way to Middoni, Ammon and his father, King Lamoni run into King Lamoni's father who is King over all the Lamanites. He tries to slay Lamoni, but Ammon subdues him and agrees to spare his life if he will release his brethren from prison and let Lamoni retain his kingdom. He gives Lamoni independence to run the affairs of his kingdom. They arrive in Middoni and are able to secure the release of the missionaries from prison.

     Love, felt and expressed, becomes a great motivator for righteousness. This is demonstrated when Ammon and King Lamoni encounter Lamoni's father on the way to Middoni. At first angry and determined to Kill Ammon., the old Kings heart is softened when he sees the great love that Ammon feels for Lamoni. The pure love of Christ is especially powerful, it is the motivating energy within every righteous act. When love is felt, lives are changed, and gratitude is realized, leading to the kind of action later taken by Lamoni's father.

  • The  Lord directs and inspires us as we work to accomplish His purpose.
  • The Lord strengthens and protects His servants.  Alma 20:17

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