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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Know Your Neighbor - Popes

 Andrea and Shaun P.

Andrea did track and field in high school.  She was a sprinter and also competed in the Long Jump.  She went to Culinary School at the DATC.  She is an amazing cook!  When she is not creating works of art with food she spends time in the garden.  Andrea definitely has a green thumb.  She also cans the food she grows.  Another hobby is making jewelry.  She has an eye for design.  Currently, Andrea is serving on the Relief Society Committee.

Shaun played soccer which was definitely his sport.  He loves the outdoors and likes to go fly fishing.  He also bow hunts.  Shaun likes camping.  All this explains why he has been in the scouting program for so long.  He is a great scout leader.  Shaun is a team teacher for the 16year olds at church.  He works for Larry H. Miller as the Finance Manager.

Shaun and Andrea met at a Chicago Concert on the 4th of July.  Andrea states that she had never enjoyed listening to Chicago…It was a bonfire or something and that band just happened to be playing.  Andrea was still in High School. They were married about a month after graduation. 

They have two kids, James and Lily.  James is six years old and is in the Chinese Immersion program at Stewart Elementary.  He is playing baseball right now but also loves soccer and will play that again in the fall.  He likes to ride his bike and play outside.  Lily loves to play in the sandbox.  She really likes playing with friends.  She is very silly and makes the family laugh all the time.  Lily likes to play dress up.

As a family they like to go camping and take little vacations, “stay-cations”, at home.  They also spend a lot of time at Bear Lake.  They have an incredible new deck and like to spend a lot of time in their backyard.  The family also likes to play games together and sometimes watch movies together.

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