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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Powerful Promises of the Book of Mormon

Alma 19
Taught by Sue G.

After hearing Ammon preach, King Lamoni recieves light and sees the Lord. Overcome by the spirit, he and most of his household fall into a trance and are believed to be dead. 

The Queen sends for Ammon who assures her that her husband will arise the next day. She believes him.

The King arises the next day and bears witness of the Atonement saying he has seen the redeemer. He, the Queen and Ammon are all overcome by the Spirit and fall to the ground. 
Abish a Lamanite woman who, unknown to others, was a convert, witnesses the miracle and runs to tell others. 

Discussion follows and a man who tries to kill Ammon is struck dead by the power of God. After reviving, the King goes forth to help teach the gospel to the Lamanites. Many are baptized.

  • The Spirit of the Lord may have a very dramatic. effect on people who have been especially wicked.
  • The Lord will redeem all those who believe him.
  • The Lord protects and spares His Servants.
  • The Lord's arm is extended to all who will repent and believe on His name.
  • The Lord keeps his promises; Ammom could not be slain because the Lord had promised his father (King Moshiah11) that He would protect his sons on their missions.


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