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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know Your Neighbor

Bishop Craig S. and Terry S.
(Currently serving as Relief Society President)

Bishop S. grew up in West Bountiful. He had a cow he had to milk and horses to ride. He enjoyed lots of hard work and fun growing up! He served a mission to South Dakota. He loves to hunt, especially Pheasants. He takes a pheasant hunting trip with many family members back to South Dakota and Nabraska every year. He also loves fishing in Alaska! He loves to travel and has been lucky enough to have been able to visit many wonderful places. His favorite place, if he had to say, would be the Cook Islands. He owns a Heating and Air-conditioning business. His three sons now all work with him in his business. He served as Bishop here in the Willow Wood Ward from August 2007 through September 2011. While serving as Bishop he attended a girls camp at a dude ranch where there was a Bull named Lucifer. At the end of some bull riding by the girls, he stunned everyone as he proceeded to spontaneously throw Lucifer to the ground. The girls knew then that the Bishop would do anything for them, even take down Lucifer!!!

Terry was born in Maine and lived in Florida, New Hampshire and North Dakota ending up here in Utah when she was ten. She and Bishop S. were Hi School sweethearts. She "waited" for him while he was on his mission. Her Father was killed in a plane crash when she was nine years old. She was a nanny for six months for a Jewish family with three girls on Stanton Island. Her favorite thing is to vacation with family. Terry loves to sew especially quilts! She has also gone several times to Africa to serve with 'Mother's Without Borders' teaching the women how to sew and helping in the orphanage. She has also helped to raise money for Mother's Without Borders by helping with a craft boutique each year who's proceeds all go directly to the cause. She made a quilt the last two years that were auctioned at the boutique garnering some pretty hefty amounts for such a great cause! 
This is last years quilt representing many of the things experienced when going to Africa with Mother's without Borders. 

Together they have three boys and one girl, all who are married and bringing forth wonderful grandchildren, nine so far. They have property in the Mountains in Wyoming where they have built a wonderful family cabin that they truly enjoy with all their posterity.

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