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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter - Mormon Message


A time when the Earth awakes and renews herself to a 
beautiful and glorious state!

How appropriate is it that we spend this day in Spring as the Earth blossoms before our very eyes, thinking about and honoring the Resurrection.

Christ laid down his life for us then arose and was renewed to his glorious and perfect state.

What a beautiful day of remembrance it is. 
How grateful we are for the atonement in our lives.
Take this day to show extra reverence and ponder your commitment to follow Christ's teachings as you partake of the sacred blessing of the sacrament, remembering the incredible gift he has given us through his sacrifice.
Knowing that we can be made perfect through him, and return to our Father in Heaven, where we will live together for Eternity.

What unspeakable JOY we will have!!


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