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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Great A Cause - Service Night

August 11th, 2011

When we arrived to serve, we were greeted with Sue's Happy Sign....

fun drink spot.......

and Yummy, Yummy looking cakes made by Jenny N's sister!!

Just look how adorable this one is!!!! 

Peg got us started on how to tie dye baby onesies. We made these to sell at a Boutique that raises money for Mother's Without Borders to help in Africa.

We had so many onesies donated it was awesome!!

Scrunced.....elastic bound.....and ready to dye!!

Then it was outside for the next step of this project.

Kind of made you feel like a kid doing a messy school art project!

We dyed most of them blue or pink sometimes adding a little green or yellow
but Sigrid decided to go all out!

No gloves are going to place you at the crime scene Sigrid!

The onesies then were placed in ziplock bags to sit for 24 hours
before you could wash them out.

Look how adorable they are!

Cute fabric was added to cloth diapers to make fun burp cloths
to add to the tie dyed onesies.

Awhhh!! The wonderful feeling of the look of all your work!

Tied up and ready to sell.

Items to put together birthday party kits to go 
to the Women's Shelter were also donated.

Sue gets the assembly line going.

Is Tisha the greatest happy helper or what?

Everyone was having a great time laughing 
and working together.

Ta-da!! More awesome finished work done!
We had enough to make 30 kits.

Now on to the much anticipated....delicious....goodness!!
(As much as we wanted to eat cake, it was hard to cut into them 
because they were all soooo cute!)

And last but not least...........
Some great sitting around, eating cake, laughing and chatting after 
an awesome evening of Service!!

Thank you so much to the Relief Society Committee: Sue, Jenny, Danielle, Mary Jane, 
and to all those who donated items, 
and those who helped make and put them together!

Your Relief Society Presidency

ps - sorry about some of the blurry pictures, we need a relief society camera instead of a phone!

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