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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Know Your Neighbor! Trish and Mark

Mark and Trish T. have recently moved into our ward! They bought the Sloan's house in Fremont Circle.   They moved to Centerville from Woods Cross where they lived for 6 years.

Mark and Trish are right at home here in Centerville.  Trish grew up here and Mark grew up in Bountiful.  Both went to Viewmont High School... Go Vikings!  Both of their extend families live in the area too.  They like spending time with them and like living close to them.

Mark attended the University of Utah and studied Communications.  Trish went to Weber State University where she studied Dance Teaching.  Trish has been a dancer all of her life.  Growing up she danced ballet, modern dance, and jazz.  They are both huge Ute's Fans.  They attend all the football and basketball games that they can.

Mark likes hunting, skiing, snowboarding, and golfing to name a few hobbies.  Mark has had a motorcycle since Trish has known him.  They both like motorcycle riding.

Mark and Trish have been married for 8 years.  They officially met at a BBQ.  Mark's best friend married Trish's cousin so they met that way too.  They have 2 children.  Laird, who is 3 1/2 loves being outside.  His best friend is their family dog Timber.   He loves playing with him.  Sloan their daughter is 1.  She loves laughing and playing with the family cat Bowie.

Trish loves being a mom.  She also works full time at the Flower Patch.  She arranges the flower bouquets.  Mark works at Bryson's Sales and Service.  It is a Blue Bird School Bus Dealership.  They sell all the new school buses you see. 

They are big time campers.  They enjoy tent camping.  They would love to someday own a big cabin with their extended family.  One that was close enough to use all the time. 

Mark and Trish restored a 1968 El Camino as a couple with some friends.  It was a lot of work and sometimes still is.  They have had it for a few years now.  When they are not working on cars they enjoy playing games and movies as a family.  They also like reading books.  They have enjoyed bibliographies but like a lot of different genres.

Welcome to the Willow Wood Ward T. Family!   We are so happy to have you in the neighborhood!

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