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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Powerful Promises of the Book of Mormon

Modest Leaders Have Power
Mosiah 18:26

Taught by Sue G.

     The modest, unselfish leader has the power to inspire and lift. The good leaders don't always please mankind, in fact, the Lord doesn't always place his servants where they will be noticed. But of course, we know where they are, they are in his hands. We sense it, but we may not always see it. He loves the modest but useful servant.
     The Book of Mormon is full of modest leaders who inspire and lead others to do good, through example and by preaching and teaching the word of the Lord.
      The modest servant lies down tired at the end of a day, knowing that the day was spent doing just what God intended. How could we feel badly about a day that ended like that. King Benjamin lay down in peace each evening for thousands of days knowing that he had done what the Lord wanted him to do and then did so at the end of his life with a clear conscience.
 Read Mosiah 2:15
     We should all strive to be humble, modest, powerful leaders for the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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