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Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Calendar 2014

Can you believe it's another 
New Year!!!


January is such a wonderful Month to catch our breath from all the busyness and festivities over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Generally there is less going on and we can take some time to rejuvenate and start a new.

As you contemplate making changes and resolutions for your new year, consider leaving the common list and just choose to work a little more on one thing that will truly 
bring you the most happiness.


for your spouse, 
for your children, 
for your neighbor, 
for God.
Love, by 
Being more patient
more forgiving
and thinking of others 
more often. 
Give love 
by giving service daily, 
especially to those 
closest to you, 
even so small as a 
heartfelt smile.  
Forget yourself 
and think of others 
and your year will be 
filled with happiness.


January Calendar Information

 *The Book of Mormon class is starting up again for the year. If you have never attended no worries. Each class is an individual topic. We are going through the Book of Mormon one chapter at a time, sometimes less if we have a lot of discussion. So it doesn't matter if you have never attended or if you can only come here or there. Each class stands on it's own. We have great discussions every time! 

*The Neighborhood Play Group is for anyone who wants a time to let the kids play together in the gym while Mom's get a chance to visit! Contact Shannon Page if you have questions.

Tuesday's:       Book of Mormon class
                        7:30pm @Sue Green's home

Wednesday'sNeighborhood Play Group  
                        10:00am @The Church

Thursday 9th:  Pinterest Group 
                         9am - 11am
                        Contact Melanie Phelps for info

Thursday 9thRelief Society Temple Night
                        Meet in the cafiteria at 5:30 
                        for dinner (no need to change first)
                        We will attend the 6:30 session

*Friday 10th:  Ward Game Night, 7:00pm @Church

Stake Women's Conference 
is coming up,
Saturday February 22nd, 9am @Stake House

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