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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book of Mormon ~ 3 Nephi 4-7 INTRODUCTION ~ OVERVIEW

Taught by Sue G.

In chapters 4-7, we will see many things among the Nephites before the destruction of the wicked and the appearance of the resurrected Christ to them, which are also typical of our last days before the Saviors second coming and the destruction of the wicked.
It is no doubt significant that such parallels exist.  They are, among other things a pattern from which we can learn and gain stronger testimonies.

*In the Book of Mormon at this point in time, there were a great number of wicked people whose whole goal in life was to rob and plunder others. It is basically the same in our day.

There was great prosperity among the Nephites,  many who had been faithful members of the Church who became entangled in pride, while many remained humble and faithful. 

Many people divided up into ethnic groups which destroyed the central governments ability to function. Church leaders continued to speak out boldly and clearly concerning the evils of the day and the availability of forgiveness through repentance.   
Many citizens became angry because of the power and authority of Nephi.

There were a great many miracles which provide much obvious evidence that God exists and the gospel is true.  There were many convert baptisms. 

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