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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Book of Mormon Class ~ 3 Nephi Chapter 3

Taught by Sue G.
 (Click to read: 3 Nephi Chapter 3)
One of Satan's great deceptions 
seems to be, 
to get his followers to believe that they 
are in the right,
and that those who follow God's teachings 
are in the wrong. 

     Korihor, the anti Christ, got to the point where he believed that the words he taught which came from the devil, were true. (Alma 30:53) 
     There is another wicked leader Giddianhi, who has been likewise deceived by the devil to the point that he claims with great cloquence, that the cause of the gadiation robers is just and that the Nephites are in the wrong.  
     We see much of this today as Satan gains converts through cunning deception.  Isaiah prophesied that we would see much of calling , evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20)


Look for the messages that Lucifer has succeeded in deceiving Giddianhi into believing that he is in the right. In fact Giddiahi seems to feel that he is a rather kind and generous soul and is treating Lachonoeus with respect.  Note also that Giddianhi has obviously had a lot of experience and success in using flattery which is another form of deception.

Lachoneus - Nephite chief judge governor prophet and a contemporary of Nephi, the son of Nephi  Lachoneus, described as a just and courageous man occupied the judgment seat for 29 or 30 years.

One characteristic of those who have been deceived is that they believe others cannot see through their own attempts at deceiving them.  

In verses 6 & 7 and the first part of verse 8, Giddianhi makes a ridiculous offer which he apparently thinks will sound good to Lachoneous.
There is a bit of a problem with Giddianhi's promise to the Nephites, that they can be 'partners of all our substance' because Giddianhi's people survive by robbing and plundering the Nephites.  Just where does he purpose to get 'all our substance' from if he keeps his word to the Nephites? There will be no 'substance' left.

The idea in the last part of verse 9 that something is 'good' because it is of ancient date seems to play prominently in the minds of many people.  For instance, many believe the words of ancient prophets but reject even the idea of having modern prophets.  The Jews rejected Christ because his teachings appeared to them to go against the teachings of Abraham, Moses and other ancient prophets. Satan seems to use the notion that ancient means good quite often in his winning and retaining of converts.

We see how Lachoneaus, a righteous leader of a democracy deals with the threats and demands of a terrorists like Giddianhi, whose ultimate goal is to exercise power and unrighteous dominion over others.

Remember that Gidianhi had invited the Nephites to surrender and to join with his band of robbers and share their 'substance'.  Watch what will happen now as the Nephites gather all their 'substance' and put it out of reach of these robbers.

As a righteous leader, Lachoneus preaches repentance to his people.  They listen and repent.

Next we will meet one of the great righteous military commanders of the great righteous military commanders of the Nephites.  His name is Giddiddoni.

The Nephites will request permission to attack the Gadianton robbers in their strongholds. Captain Moroni had rooted out the King-men in this manner, (Alma 51:17-18)  but the Lord will not allow these Nephites to do the same.  

This points out the importance of following the current word of the Lord,  no matter what has been done under similar circumstances by men of God in the past.

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