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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Book of Mormon ~ Alma: Chapter 47

Taught by Sue G.

Amalickiah flees to the Lamanites where he uses treachery, intrigue and murder to become their King and gain control over the Lamanite armies. He takes the wife of the murdered Lamanite King as his own. Amalickiah and all the Nephite dissenters are described as being more wicked and ferocious than the Lamanites.

Those who apostatize from the truth are generally more wicked and ferocious than they who never had it to begin with.

Wicked leaders will plot against their own troops if it works to their advantage.

Those who apostatize from the truth become hardened and entirely forget the Lord.

We find it interesting that Amalickiah tries three times to persuade Lehonti to come down from the mountain before he gives in and goes part way to meet him. Each time he tried to persuade him, he made it look more inciting and safe. 

Satan uses the same tactics to slowly lull us away from truth and righteousness. We can learn from Lehonti's experience to always stay firm with our original commitment.

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