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Monday, September 3, 2012

Know Your Neighbor

The Page Family

Shannon ran cross country and track in high school at Viewmont.  Go Vikings!  When she was younger she took piano lessons for 8 years.   She also took sewing lessons and learned how to crochet.  One summer she sewed all her own shorts.  He mother was a great seamstress and Shannon followed the tradition.  Shannon loves to make crafts of all sorts.  They recently remodeled her house which included the most amazing craft room.  She is very talented at scrapbooking and loves to take pictures of her kids and family to feed her hobby.  Shannon loves to cook sweets and makes amazing treats and breads.  Yum!  She is a primary teacher for the 4 and 5 year olds.      

Eric lived in California until he was 8 and then his family moved to Utah.   Eric is number 6 of the ten children in his family.  Eric played soccer through high school.  His nick name was Chico.  He also attended Viewmont.  He is an accomplished Dutch oven chef.  He manned 9 Dutch ovens by himself for the Page family reunion this summer. Eric went to San Diego, California ( Spanish speaking) for his mission.  He is a computer programmer and works for L3 Communications.  Through work he gets to do some interesting things.  Eric has a license to drive a hummer.  He has flown in various types of aircraft.  The most recent aircraft was a twin otter.  He likes sports and plays soft ball and golf.  He is a big University of Utah fan but not an Anti-BYU fan.  Eric is the Sunday School President in the ward.

Annie is almost 14.  She is a ninth grader attending Centerville Junior High.  She is in AP and Honor Classes this year and loving it.  She loves to read and plays the piano and the trumpet.  She is a great softball player.  She likes to bake and especially to bake cupcakes…she is perfecting the art.  

Tom is 12.  He is now in 7th grade also at Centerville Junior High.  He is going to play percussion in the band this year.  He plays baseball and basketball.  Tom loves to build with Legos.  He has a great engineering brain.   He knows how to work with gears and take things apart and fix them.  He plays the acoustic guitar.

Mary is 9 years old.   She is now in the 4th grade.   She is a social butterfly.  She loves clothes, hair, and makeup.  She takes dance lessons and piano lessons.  She is always happy and her mother says she is her smiling child.  She has always smiled even when she was a baby. 

Sarah is 6.  She is going into 1st grade.  She is a shy girl.  She loves playing with Poly Pockets and ponies.  She is also taking dance lessons.  She loves to play house.  She wants to play the violin when she grows up. 

Daniel is 4 in October of this year.  He is his mom’s go getter.  He is always moving and talking and is busy and making things.  He is full of ideas of things to make and do.  He is learning to play and build with Legos. 

Josh will be 2 in October.  He thinks he is at least as old as Daniel or even older.  He likes to golf like his dad.  He is always looking for the golf clubs.  During the remodel of their home their yard was torn up and had no grass.  Josh loved it and would take his dump trucks outside and dig in the dirt.  His favorite thing is his blanket and if he has his blanket he has his thumb in his mouth. 
As a family the Pages love to play games.  They vacation together and stay up at Park City each year.  They also enjoy camping.  They attend each other’s softball games or various other activities.  They like to bake together.  Shannon and the kids love the craft room and to create things. They remodeled their house this year and it is amazing.  Their garage would make a grown man cry (It is so big!).  The craft room and cold storage room would make the women envious and they finally have a back yard with grass and everything.    

We are so glad that you are in our neighborhood!

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