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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brigham City Temple Dedication

We were blessed yesterday to be able to be part of the Dedication of a new 
Beautiful Temple in Brigham City.

As part of the dedication, 
they place the mortar around the corner stone.

The month-long open house ending last week
drew more than 400,00 visitors.

The beautiful front doors invite us to enter and receive peace 
from the busy World outside.

Entrance Foyer
This is the 14th temple in the state of Utah 
and the 139th in the world.

Gary Ernest Smith paints the murals for the walls 
in the endowment room.

The Celestial Room is so beautiful!
The picture doesn't do it justice. 
There is so much fine detail.

An interesting thing they did to connect with 
Brigham City's heritage is use the peach blossom 
throughout the Temple decor, such as on this window. It's even woven in the pattern of the fabric on the furniture.

The Baptismal font is Beautiful!

The Brides Room is a definite favorite! 

Click on the link below for a short picture video of the Temple.

We are so extremely blessed to have so many Temples right around us!
Let us all make it a priority to set aside our regular duties often and take advantage of the blessings and peace we will receive in the                    House of the Lord. 
*Place a seed in your children's hearts!
Take your children's picture at the Temple 
and put it in their room.
Display pictures of the Temple in your home.
If you were married in the Temple, display your wedding picture by the Temple for your children to see.
If you have not received your endowments or have yet to be sealed, set a date to be Temple ready and go receive those sacred blessing with which you are promised. Your life will be blessed in ways you would not even expect!

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