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Monday, July 18, 2011

First Annual Swap Event

It has officially been one month since we had our awesome. . .

Willow Wood Women Swap Activity!  

We had so much fun we can't wait until next year!  Here are some snapshot memories of the whimsical decor, food, fun finds, and festivities. 

Signing in on our giant chalkboard!

We clipped clothespins with our names on them to the items we really liked. Then if more than one woman wanted the item, the clothes pins were put into a hat and drawn to find the lucky new owner!

If your name wasn't drawn for that item, you got your clothespin back to put on another item for drawing in round two!

Look at the darling cupcakes! Watch for the recipes to be posted later, by request of some of the swap-ette's.

Whimsical garlands made for fun decor!

We took some really fun candid pictures with old vintage frames! Marilyn's
close up!

Are these veggie cups handy or what!! And cute to boot!

The three amigas! Sydney, Sue and Terri. 

We felt so fancy with all the lovely vintage linens and dainty dishes to eat on! 

At first the weather got a little windy and cold with a touch of rain. We just dawned jackets......that didn't stop us!

Then the sun shone through making it the most heartwarming evening.


Friendships blossomed!  Tina and Gabby. 

Making final choices before the drawing.

Friends Peg and Nancy happily posing!

Jeanne contemplates whether or not to sacrifice one her valuble clothespins on this choice, or move on.

Kathleen with Kerri and her successful swap draws!

Our awesome Sue who brought half her house to help decorate this stylish event!

Sisters Heather, Nikki, and Hannah came with mom and turned it into a girls night out! 

There was such a fun variety of choices!

Danielle and Linda look picture perfect! 

Sharon scored bigtime at the swap with a beautiful bountiful temple picture, food processor. . .

and this chic country table!  Go Sharon!

A big thanks to our gracious hosts, Terri and Bishop Salmon for letting us use their great home for our awesome activity!  

The Bishop even helped set up big canopies right after coming home from scout camp at Lake Powell.  What a guy!

Also, a big thanks to all the committee, Mary Jane, Danielle, Britt, Sue, Terry, Heidi S, Shana and Sydney for their work to pull this great evening together so we could invite our friends and neighbors for a fun ladies night out, enjoying each other's company and getting to know one another better.

Thank you too, to Sigrid and Peg for taking all these great pictures for us to share!

This was an incredible event and we can't wait to make it a yearly tradition! 

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