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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Powerful Promises of the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Class
"The Debts Are Paid by God"
Mosiah 15:1

Taught by Sue G.

     Few names in the scriptures have the power to stir the vision and touch the should in the same way as does the revered name as Abinadi.

     Even though his life as known to us is less than 12 pages of the Book of Mormon and the total length of the messages delivered by him can be read in less than 25 minutes.

     He was a man of such tremendous power and impact as to leave an impression upon anyone who can come to know him.  The account of this hero of the past is in Mosiah chapters 11 - 17.

The scriptures we read and discussed are:

Mosiah 7:20-28
Mosiah 11:20
Mosiah 11:27-29
Mosiah 13:1-5
Mosiah 15:1
Alma 34::9-13
1 Nephi 19:12

Get involved! Read these scriptures for yourself and post your thoughts or feelings about them in our special thoughts section. 

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