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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Marriage, Why Family? ~ Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Taught by Tifanee G. 

Our Heavenly Father’s plan for happiness included families.  He sent us to earth as members of families.  A successful, happy, Christ-centered home is established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work and wholesome recreational activities.

It was said “Happiness does not spring from perfection but from applying divine principles.”  Prayer, love, and forgiveness are three principles, that when applied, can help us to have Christ-centered happy families.

Prayer with our families align our will with our Heavenly Father, resulting in blessings of strength, comfort, and inspiration.  It creates a loving bond.

Sue G. shared that her most important prayer of the day was her afternoon prayer right before her kids got home from school.  She would ask for strength to help her be the Mom that her kids needed.

Ligia B. shared that prayer is the most powerful tool she has in her arsenal for raising her children.  Without prayer, she wouldn’t know what her teenage kids needed and how she should respond as a parent in a way that helps them.  But she believes through answers to her prayers, Heavenly Father lets her know what her children need.   

Cari H. shared that in a recent experience where she attended a temple sealing, the sealer advised the newly married couple to pray for one another and to allow their spouse to hear them praying to Heavenly Father on their behalf.  She returned home and implemented this in her own family and was amazed to see how in such a short time, praying on behalf of not just her spouse but also her children has made them grow so much closer as a family.

Love as President Monson said, “should be the very heart of family life.”  A Christ-centered home is where the gospel is taught, covenants kept, and love abounds.

Carolyn R. shared that love is allowing a person time to change.

Heidi H. shared that as a child she and her sister kept a journal where they would write their thoughts of love back and forth to one another.  She now has children, some of whom don’t express their love very openly so she continues this tradition with them. 

Forgiveness was founded on Heavenly Father’s plan.  Because forgiveness connects principles, it connects people.  It is one of our best hopes for a happy family.

Tela F. shared that sometimes forgiveness is one sided, meaning that sometimes we seek forgiveness for something we’ve done wrong, but the person does not want to forgive.  Or we have been wronged and the person who has wronged us is not remorseful.  The Atonement still offers peace and healing for those who may be in these types of situations within their families.    

Weekly Challenge; Take time to look into our family life and incorporate one of the three principles discussed in the lesson to help build a more gospel centered home.

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