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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Know Your Neighbor ~ Waddoups

The Waddoups Family

Jeremy and Nicole Waddoups live on 400 W. They have lived in our ward for 9 years. Before living in our ward, they lived in Woods Cross and in another home in Centerville.

Nicole grew up in Centerville, Utah. She is the oldest of three girls. She went to three different colleges: Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs; Mary Crest University in Davenport, Iowa; and Weber State University. She played basketball for both Western Wyoming and Mary Crest. At Mary Crest, she also played soccer and softball. After Nicole married Jeremy, she transferred to Weber State where she graduated with a teaching degree. She majored in History and minored in Physical Education. Nicole is a part time PE teacher at Centerville Junior High and coaches the girls’ basketball team. She also coaches her sons, Kaleb and Kelby’s, basketball teams. Nicole loves basketball, reading, biking, and chocolate.

Jeremy grew up in West Bountiful, Utah. He is the oldest of four children and has one sister and two brothers. He served in the Independence, Missouri mission. Jeremy graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Logistics and Operations management. He works as a shipping manager for the LDS Distribution Center. Jeremy enjoys playing and watching basketball and hunting and fishing.

Jeremy and Nicole met playing basketball. Nicole was home from school working for the summer and Jeremy had a basketball group he played with regularly. Nicole had a friend who was the daughter of a neighbor to Jeremy’s dad and this neighbor knew about the regular basketball group. So he asked if Nicole and her friend could come play with the group too. After they had played basketball together a few times, Jeremy asked her out on a date. They started dating in May and dated all summer. Then Nicole went back to school. They continued dating long distance via email and phone calls and got engaged the next May. They were married four months later in September in the Salt Lake Temple. They have been married for 18 years.

Jeremy and Nicole have four children: Kaleb, Dylan, Kelby, and Rynn.

Kaleb is 15 and is in the ninth grade at Centerville Junior High. He likes playing football and basketball, spending time with his friends, listening to music, and beating up on his brothers and sisters. His favorite sports teams are the Pittsburg Steelers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Dylan is 12, almost 13 (his birthday is Feb. 3rd) and is in the seventh grade at Centerville Junior High. He likes acting, football, and basketball. His favorite sports teams are the Eagles and the Raptors.

Kelby is 11 and in the sixth grade at Stewart Elementary. He likes to play football and basketball. His favorite sports teams are the Warriors and the Oklahoma Thunder.

Rynn is 11 and is also in the sixth grade at Stewart Elementary. She likes to play soccer and basketball and watch football.

As a family, the Waddoups really like to play basketball. They also like to go camping and watch sports and movies together.

We are happy to the have the Waddoups family in our neighborhood!

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