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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Christmas Social 2013

"White Elephant Social"

We had a yummy waffle bar!!!

With lots of fresh fruit....

... the best EVER raspberry syrup!

Annnnnd yummy chocolate-hazelnut nutella!

Then we got started with the fun.... opening white Elephants! 


You just never know what you will get!!! 


And we have a custom made BYU trophy light 
for the front porch! Priceless!!!

You can be sure there will be some hearty 
laughing involved!

This one really caught us all by surprize. Yup.... it's a urine sample bottle..... and it's full! Hahaha

Don't you think this needs to go above Karen's headboard??

I would say this is a keeper..... It's so cute and purpley!

We ended the night receiving a gift of 
from the Presidency.

It is a book with the writings from each of the sisters on:
 "What brings me Joy"

It is such a fun uplifting book to read. 
It's also a fun way to get to know each other 
a little better!

You can now be dreaming of your next awesome 'White Elephant'!
Until next year.......

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