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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book of Mormon Class ~ 3 Nephi Chapter 4

Taught by Sue G.
(click on any scripture to read it)

As we study chapter 4, we continue with the countdown to the coming of the Lord to the Nephites.  Remember that the Nephites under the direction of their leaders, have now gathered by tens of thousands (3 Nephi 3:22) into one location.  This will prove to be a most difficult problem for the Gadiaton Robbers who are used to living off of wild game as well as the efforts and products of others.

What would have happened if they would have only preserved a 2 year supply as we are asked to today?  The gathering took place in 16 AD and the final victory was between 21 -22 AD, that is between 5 and 6 years.

One of the messages which has been given a number of times already in the Book of Mormon, and one which could be considered to be sensitive and not politically correct, is that the farther people stray from God, the less modest, the more wild and bizarre their fashions, grooming and appearance become. (Enos 1:20) (Alma 3:5)

The Gadianton robbers will think that their appearance has frightened the Nephites into submission. They are mistaken.

Things are going from bad to worse among the Gadianton Robbers, they decide to give up.

Remember that Gidgiddoni was a righteous leader of the Nephite armies. (3 Nephi 3:19) This is important to keep in mind.  Otherwise a person could think that the actions of the Nephite soldiers, in verse 27, were to harsh.  Dangerous times often require no nonsense action .  The laws of self-defense (D&C 98) given by the Lord to His people through their prophets, are no doubt being applied here.

One of the most saving attributes of all, is that of gratitude.  We see a rich out pouring of this character trait in verse 33.

May we all learn the lesson of having GRATITUDE.

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