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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Relief Society Encampment ~ Project Joy

~Project Joy~

We started out doing a Service Project making 
"Clean Birth Kits" 
for Third World Countries. 
The mortality rate for babies as well as mothers in these countries suffers from infection contracted during births.

They consisted of:
1 square yard of plastic
rubber gloves
razor blade
string to tie the cord
and a small bar of soap

*Stuff we definitely take for granted here in the 
United States!!

All total we put together 100 kits!
Thats a lot of lives that can be helped

We did some great visiting and playing games.

Dinner was Happy Hawaiian Haystacks

Pierce the Moose,
"affectionately named for piercing Bishop Salmon in the backside" last year,
put his smily face boxers out for all to see!

Great times put happy faces on 
everyone there!!

Katie gave the Project Joy devotional
Friday Evening.
She talked about how the things of the world can bring us temporary happiness, but true joy comes through the atonement of
Jesus Christ.
She used the scripture: Mosiah 3:7-13
(click on scripture to read)

We each shared something about ourselves that 
no one knew.

We also said one thing we admired about the person to our right.

It was really fun and soooo interesting to learn new things about each other!!

Everyone got settled in for bed, 
regardless of whether there would be any sleeping or not, teehee!!

There were a few who got some shut eye.

Nothing like waking up to a 
Happy Hotcakes Breakfast!!!

There was soooo many snacks and good food!!

We had Bishop Salmon's 
two Rino four Wheelers 
two horses to play on Saturday.

Soooo much fun!!!

Until next time!
It's back home with renewed Happy Hearts!!

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