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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Know Your Neighbor ~ The King Family

Lisa and Kelly King moved into our ward a month ago.  They bought the Marchant’s house in Willow Wood Circle.  However, they are familiar with the area since their last home was about two miles away in Farmington.

Lisa grew up right here in Centerville as the second of five daughters.  She graduated from Viewmont High School and then attended Utah Valley University.  She likes to play volleyball and was the manager for the Viewmont volleyball team.  Lisa enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. 

Kelly grew up in Anchorage, Alaska as the youngest of three children.  He has one brother and one sister.  His parents still live in Alaska where they have a cabin on the Kenai river.  Kelly graduated from high school in Alaska and then attended BYU.  He served a mission in Paraguay and then returned to BYU.  He works at L3 Communications as a program manager of Navy programs.  He enjoys anything in the outdoors.  Some of his favorite activities are biking, fishing, hiking, and spending time with family.

Lisa and Kelly have recently been called as primary teachers for the seven year olds, which they are looking forward to.

Lisa and Kelly met at BYU when she went to his apartment to visit (or flirt with) his roommates who had been her neighbors growing up in Centerville.  After they were first married they lived in Alaska for a year and a half when Lisa finally convinced Kelly to move back to Utah.  They have been married 14½ years and they have three children.

Olivia, who was born in Alaska, will turn 11 this month.  She is in the 5th grade at Stewart Elementary.  She likes to dance, is very good at crafts, and just discovered this summer that she loves fishing.  Olivia also likes to come up with creative activities for her brothers and the neighborhood kids to do.  This is very helpful to her parents.

Joseph, who goes by JJ, is seven years old and in the second grade at Stewart Elementary.  He loves sports, computer games and friends.  JJ is the clown of the family and loves to make others laugh.

Sam will turn four this month.  He was born in Ethiopia.  The King family adopted him and brought him home to Utah when he was seven months old.  He looks up to his brother and sister and loves to do anything they do. 
As a family they like travel, go camping and spend time doing projects together.

Welcome to the Willow Wood Ward King family!  We know you'll be a great addition to the neighborhood!

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