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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book of Mormon Class

Taught by Sue G.

Alma 50:51
Moroni calls a council of war to plan a strategy to fortify the Nephite lands and build many new cities in preparation for war.  Internal wars and destruction afflict the Nephites, who have become wicked.  

Teancum defeats Morianton and his dissenters, Nephihah dies and his son Pahoran becomes the chief judge.

When the King-men try to legally overthrow Pahoran and establish a King, the people support Pahoran and Moroni requires the King men to defend the country or to be put to death.  Many of the fortified cities are captured by Amalickiah and his Lamanite armies until Teancum slays Amalickiah in his tent.
Alma 50:22

When we have our Family Home Evenings we are holding our own "council of war" against the wickedness of the world that we face today.  Each time we spend discussing and teaching the word of God and Gospel values we are putting on more armor.  We can tell our children that we are holding a council of war and we need to plan our strategy like Moroni did to win the battle against Satan.

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