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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book of Mormon Class / Alma 52

Taught by Sue G.

Teancum and his armies continue to prepare for war, taking all necessary steps to defend themselves against the Lamanites Ammoron.  The brother of Amalickiah is appointed King over the Lamanites and orders his armies to maintain the cities they had taken by the shedding of blood.  Moroni, Teancum and Lehi lead the Nephite armies in a victorious war against the Lamanites; they recapture the city of Mulek.  Jacob the lamanite is slain. Alma 52:18

Perhaps the message of Alma 52 is... 

"When the children of Lehi are successful, do what they did. When they're not successful, don't do what they did".  Maybe the battle for Mulek is intended to help us learn from the mistakes of others in this case we learn from the mistakes of the ancient Lamanites.

Satan will try to flatter us out of our strongholds.  Satan uses all kinds of tricks to entice us to leave our spiritualality behind and follow him into a trap.  Satan is often called the master deciever.  He knows the tricks of the trade.  The scriptures describe Satan's tactics as traps, snares, lies and stratogems.  

Sometimes he flatteres us into thinking we can handle anything and we get caught in our own snare.

  • War is always the result of sin and disobedience on someones part.
  • Our wrestle may not be in a war of nations but in an individual wrestle against spiritual wickedness.
  • We should use wise strategies in defending ourselves against evil.
  • We should do whatever we can to strengthen ourselves.

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