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Sunday, July 8, 2012

2nd Annual Swap!!

What an awesome night we had!!

The Second annual Swap was another 
great get together.

We started off getting clothes pins to tag the goods we were hopeful of winning.

Then we got cute name tags, just incase you forgot who you were in the heat of the excitement 
and missed your name being called out 
for that coveted item!!

Every girl loves to play dress up, 
so dress up we did!

We were so happy to have Danielle 
come back to join us!!
She and Karen are ready to hit the fun!

Shanon, Elisa and her Mother 
sport some spunky hats!

Heidi cheers on the festivities!!

Sydney and Tracy, 
true framed friends!!

Jenny is a diva extraordinare!!

Katie dolls up with Aspen who 
isn't so sure about it. Haha

Last year's big time winner Sharon, 
flashes a smile for this years Swap.

Natisha and Kathleen make it a picture perfect 
Mother, Daughter moment.

This Mother, Daughter duo, Jeanine and Brenna, 
look like they have a mischievous plan 
to win the items of their choice!!

Tracy, Marilee and Gaby show us 
three of the best smiles ever!

Tina and sue are styling it big time!

Here are just a few of the goods for grabs.

Uhm......what to pin....what to pin......

Weren't these banners fun!! 
They are from Camille J's.
She made them to decorate the Barn at Wheeler Farm for her Wedding. 

Sue comes up with the funnest ideas! 
We had all different flavored trifles in mason jars.

And cute too!!

We were treated to Lemonade in 
vintage milk bottles.

So Fun!!

Marilee and Gabby were in 
with their bottles of blueberry lemonade!!

Hazel has big blue eyes to die for!! 
Her Grandma's Nancy and Mary Jane think she 
is the cutest thing ever! 

Check out these winning beauties!! 
Marilee's feet are doing the 
happy dance with their 
new sassy beaded cloak!

Natisha heads home with her treat 
and stash of new goods.
Looks like her feet will be sportin some 
new shoes as well!

Becky was the lucky benefactor of this 
coveted big prize!!

Here is our Awesome Leader and House Host 
along with the best baby sitter ever!
A big THANK YOU to 
Terry and Jesse 
for there willingness to help!!

Thanks goes to the Relief Society Committee for the fun evening we had together.
Sue G.
Jenny N.
Mary J. W.
Andrea P.
Camille J's.
Sydney G.

It was a Wonderful Night

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