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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Calendar

As we enter this wonderful month of February, the month we focus on Love, many of us have been given the opportunity to expand our love circle with a change in Visiting Teaching.

As we move forward in these changes, let us remember 
from last falls Visiting Teaching Conference to; 
"Have a Heart like His" 
as we go about loving one another.
Those we teach with, those we visit 
and those who visit us.  

Visiting teaching is an unselfish work, 
a measure of the heart and a sacred trust that will bless the life of both the giver and the receiver.

Remember, our calling to be a visiting teacher is not solely to give the visiting teaching message, it is first and foremost about watching over one another, lifting and caring for each other, and sharing each others burdens and joys.
Some of the best friends you will ever have, are made from a visiting teaching partner, from those you visit teach and those who visit teach you.

Those friends and relationships made from your past partners and routes will be added upon by your new found relationships to come. 

As you pray about and get to know the new sisters in your life, no matter your differences, you will gain a deep love for them. Your life will be enriched and blessed in ways you may least expect.

Blessed is the influence of one true, 
loving human soul on another. 
~George Eliot~

*NoTe..... Unbelivable I know!! I just found out Sue G is going to resume teaching the Book of Mormon class this month! We are soooo happy for her!!  Class will be held at her house instead of Karen P's as listed on the calander.
~On behalf of the Presidency and Willow Wood Ward Women, we want to thank Karen for her wonderful job of filling in during Sue's absence.~

Update on Susan S. 
After a set back on surgery to help Susan's foot heal due to some complications, she was finally able to have the surgery Monday. They did a skin graft to fill in the hole on her foot. Everything went well and the doctor said he thinks he was able to do enough repair so she would not have to do a second and third operation. 
She will come home on Thursday but will not be able to walk for awhile. 
Anyone who is able and would like to give her a hand you can call her, Terry or Cayla.

*If anyone has information or announcements to post on the blog, contact Terry or Sydney before the first of every month.


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