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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book of Mormon Class

Each  and every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bears a personal responsibility to learn and live truths of the Savior's restored gospel and to receive by proper authority ordinances for salvation.  We should not expect the Church as an organization to teach or tell us all the things we need to know and do to become devoted disciples and endure valiantly to the end. D&C 121:29

Our individual responsibility is to learn what we should learn, to live as we know we should live, and to become what the master would have us become.

President Hinckley said, "We must go on growing. We must continuously learn. It is a divinely given mandate that we go on adding to our knowledge".

Each of these approaches can help satisfy our spiritual thirst, if we invite the companionship and assistance of the Holy Ghost as we read, study and search.
1)  Read the scriptures straight through from start to
2)  Study by topic.
3)  Pray always.
4)  Search the scriptures.

Ask yourself these questions as you do these things;
  • Because the glory of God is intelligence, what can and should I do to increase my own intelligence?
  • How will understanding and effectively fulfilling my individual responsibility as a learner prepare me for the world in which I do now and will yet live?

It is my prayer that after your tribulations, if you do these things and exercise fervent prayer and faith in the sight of God; 
always He will give unto you knowledge through personal revelation by his Holy Spirit,  the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost. 

I leave my testimony with you.
Love, Sister Sue G.

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