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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Whirlwind of Togetherness

Last Thursday was a day for the History Book!

The winds blew up to 106 miles an hour here in our neck of the woods!
The carnage of trees, shingles, fences, gutters, soffits and facia were astounding.

As each thing in our Earthly life has it's opposite, 
so did this devastation.
When the wind died down and the aftermath lay about, people started coming out of their homes, pulled up their sleeves and just got to work helping each other. 
It was a beautiful sight amidst the terrible scene of wreckage! 
Much was accomplished, 
but much was still ahead.

It is always a moving experience to see not only the goodness in mankind but the wonderful organization of the Church and it's people in action

On Sunday, the call was made and in moments spread from Stake to Stake, Ward to Ward and 
instant action took place. 

Like a well oiled machine, church was changed to a shortened sacrament meeting while trucks, trailers, chainsaws, rakes and bodies both young and old, male and female were organized to finish cleaning up the debri in preparation for the potential strong winds expected that evening. 

It was a sight that made your heart swell

It was a great reminder of the scripture in 
Doctrine and Covenants 38:30, which tells us, 
"if ye are prepared ye shall not fear".  

It surely made us all realize just how prepared or unprepared we are both spiritually and physically for a natural disaster. 


May we suggest that you take a family night or two and discuss what things you could work on 
to be prepared incase of another disaster.

I for one will be gathering what few preparedness items we have that have somehow managed to be scattered hither and thither, and start repairing, updating and locating them all to one accessible convenient location! 

It is crazy to search for batteries, flashlights, 
candles etc. in the dark!

* Watch for an upcoming video post of the whole
event from Tracy H. 
You can email her any pictures or video you took to be used for this video by clicking here...

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