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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Know Your Neighbor! Nate and Malerie W. and kids!

Malerie and Nate W. have moved into the ward.  They are staying with Nate's Parents Brian and Linda W. 

Nate and Malerie both grew up here in Centerville.  Malerie's parents have lived on Chase Lane for over 12 years.  Both Nate and Malerie went to Viewmont High School.  Malerie graduated in 2005. 

Malerie grew up taking gymnastics and was a Cheerleader in high school.  Go Vikings!   As with most teenagers her hobbies included mostly hanging out with friends.  She liked playing soccer and basketball.  Her brother taught her to play basketball.  She shoots the ball like a guy.  She likes to bowl but bowls like a grandma with both hands "granny style".  She owns shot guns and knows how to shoot them.  She has gone pheasant hunting mostly with her dad.  Hunting was her Dad's hobby and if she wanted to hang out with him she had to learn to shoot.  Nate however, has never shot a gun...maybe Malerie will teach him. 

Malerie also grew up with horses and is deathly afraid of them.  She is also extremely afraid of spiders.  Nate quickly learned that when he comes home and there is an upside down cup on the floor there is a spider or bug he needs to dispose of. 

Nate likes sports.  He grew up playing basketball.  In High School he was on the Lacrosse Team the first year it was played at Viewmont.  Malerie says that one of his hobbies was driving around town with the jeep top down listening to what did she say "the Back Street Boys...But Nate is sure it was actually Usher or some other music".  Speaking of this hobby Nate admits that he has been pulled over 36 times!  Once he was pulled over at 10:00am in the morning for having the music too loud and disturbing the peace.  He has actually only received 9 citations.  Hey 9 out of 36 isn't too bad. 

One of his favorite hobbies aside from sports is Off-roading with his jeep.  With the family that hobby has been placed on hold.  He likes fantasy football and basketball.  He is also a huge Utah Jazz fan.  He is a Viking football fan too....That's the Minnesota Vikings not the Viewmont Vikings.  Nate loves to golf.

The two met for the first time when Malerie was 15 and hanging out with Jason at the Walkers home.  They did not start dating until Malerie was 19.  They dated for 4 months and got engaged.  4 months later they were married.  They have two children, a daughter Oakley who is 2 1/2 and a son Owen who is 7 months old.  Owen was 9"11oz when he was born.  Nate says he will be a football player.  Oakley is a country girl at heart.  She loves her Grandpa's horses and chickens.  She also "Loves Grandma Linda W"  Linda told me.  Linda states, if she is not sure of anything else she is always sure the Oakley loves her.  Oakley is also a bit of a tomboy.  She loves cars and dinosaurs.  She wants to be a blue dinosaur for Halloween and wants Owen to be a pink one.  As a family they like to be at the beach...good thing they live in Utah, huh.   They love to go get ice cream and to watch movies.  They especially like DVDs and Netflix.

Nate is currently working in sales.  He started in a sales job and got laid off.  He has always talked about Air Traffic Control School.  After the lay-off he got another sales job and after a year of working he felt he need to be in air traffic control.  The family moved to Florida to go to school there.  Nate left 2 weeks before the family to find a apartment.  The moving van was loaded and left before they even had a place to live.  Nate got the apartment on Friday and the truck arrived on that Monday.  Nate has completed the schooling and the testing.  They are in Centerville waiting for FAA to offer him a job.  It takes 6 to 18 months usually for the offer.  Right now Nate is working during the week at Clear Link selling Dish Network and Direct TV.  On the weekends he works at the Cheesecake Factory...Just around 60 hours total a week for both jobs.  There is a good chance that when he is offered a job from the FAA they will have to move out of state... We hope you can stay here.

Malerie has a photography business.  Nate says "She is Amazingly Talented".  She does weddings, family photos, and new born pictures to name a few.  She just launched her website about a month ago.  It is  She also works at Old Navy.  Only about 1 day every 2 weeks.  Just enough working hours to get the discount.

Welcome to the ward Nate and Malerie!  We hope you feel welcome and enjoy your time here.  We are so happy to get to know you and have you in our neighborhood! 

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