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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Heart Like His

Visiting Teaching Conference
Given by Sue G.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks said, "In contrast to institutions of the World which teach us to know something, the gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to become something. The gospel of Jesus christ is the plan by which we can become what children of God are supposed to become. Charity is something one becomes".
Charity is the pure love of Christ - we want to be like him, therefore we should strive to have a heart like his.
To have a Heart like his, we need to do our visiting teaching. We shouldn't just "do" visiting teaching, rather we "are" visiting teachers. As we fulfill this precious assignment, we will become like our Savior. Visiting teaching is an unselfish work, a measure of the heart and a sacred trust that will bless the life of both the giver and the receiver.
It is vital to be filled with His love. It doesn't just make life nicer or more pleasant and comfortable. Being filled with the love of God actually changes everything because it has the power to completely change us inside. You see, over time, it changes us from the natural man into a true son or daughter of God, a sanctified being - one who has finally become like Him and that's what we are here on Earth to do, to become like Him and help others do the same.
             I want a heart like His. What about you?

The Relief Society Presidency wants you to know how much you are loved and appreciated. All the effort you make to reach out in love and friendship to the Sister's that you visit is showing a "Heart like His". We all need to have friends and to be a friend. Our calling to be a visiting teacher is not solely to give the visiting teaching message, it is first and foremost about watching over one another, lifting and caring for each other, and sharing each others burdens and joys.
The comment was made in the lesson that some of the best friends they had ever had, were made from a visiting teaching partner and from those they visit teach. For some it may be hard in the beginning to visit or to have as a partner, but as you pray about and get to know them no matter your differences, you will gain a deep love for them. Your life will be enriched and blessed in ways you may not have expected.

These fun hearts, made by the Relief Society board, were given out to 
Thank You 
for your serving as a Visiting Teacher!

They also serve as a visiting teaching reminder to stick on your fridge to have a "Heart like His" and not only "DO" your visiting teaching, but "BE" a Visiting Teacher", by sincerely getting to know and love your sisters.

They were accompanied with heart stickers to put on your calendar each month when you visit teach.
*ps - If you did not receive a Heart contact Terry or Nancy

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  1. I love these little hearts that Sue had the Relief Society Board make for everyone! Now that Sue is in the Hospital, it has even greater meaning to me as I see it on my fridge every day. I think of the love I have for her and the love she has for all of us. It is truly a token of "A Heart Like His".