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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday Lesson #37 The Postmortal Spirit World

The Postmortal Spirit World   Taught by Mary L.
What happens to us after we die?

Heavenly Father prepared a plan for our salvation. As part of this plan, He sent us from His presence to live on earth and receive mortal bodies of flesh and blood. Eventually our mortal bodies will die, and our spirits will go to the spirit world. 

The spirit world is a place of waiting, working, learning, and, for the righteous, resting from care and sorrow. Our spirits will live there until we are ready for our resurrection. Then our mortal bodies will once more unite with our spirits, and we will receive the degree of glory we have prepared for.
Many people have wondered what the spirit world is like. The scriptures and latter-day prophets have given us information about the spirit world. What comfort do you receive from your knowledge that there is life after death? How can we use our understanding of the postmortal spirit world to comfort others?

Parting at death can be bitter or sweet -- it all depends on our knowledge

·  What happens after death?
We return to the God who created us

Post-mortal life is similar to our mortal life, but we can rest from world sorrows

·  How can we prepare for the celestial kingdom?
Give a daily accounting to the Lord in prayer every night of how you helped build the kingdom of the Lord

Repent every day and strive to be obedient
·  The spirit world is on our earth, surrounding us
·  Spirits carry the same attitudes as they did on earth (Alma 34:34) and they are adults

Try to avoid specific attitudes:
Pride/Self-Righteousness (lots of forms of pride)
Lack of responsibility

"7 Deadly Sin" characteristics
·  In the spirit world, the righteous and unrighteous are all co-mingled, but we won't be tempted like we are here on earth
·  The church is organized in the same way on Earth as in the post-mortal world

Paradise -- we can rest from care and sorry, we will be doing the work of the Lord

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