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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Know your Neighbor! Kate R.

Kate was born in Louisiana. She spent the last 8 1/2 years back east in Run Oak Virginia. Run Oak is about 3 hours south of Washington D. C. Kate is staying with her parents, Rolando and Carolyn R.

Kate is a very passionate person. She loves, loves, really loves to cook. She is a gourmet cook. She likes to take gourmet cooking and make it budget friendly for every day people. She loves cooking so much that she had a catering business with one of her friends in Virginia. Her friend was a silent partner and Kate ran the business. She has catered weddings, events, and corporate events with up to 1500 people...impressive huh. She took her cooking passion in a fresh new direction in 2010. She opened a "Chef at Home" program through her business. People would hire a chef to come to their house to cook dinner for them for a date night, special occasion or just for fun. (That would be fun don't you think?) Kate would be a perfect addition to our recipe group (hint, hint).

Kate has had a lot of education. She has a degree in Business Employment, Human Resources and Corporate Training, a Minor degree in Psychology, a teaching certificate and her OPN. She will be working towards her Masters soon. She owned a business that specialized in Business Administration. Companies would turn over their day to day accounting, employee training, or behavioral and efficiency training to her company. She usually had small businesses but she did have a few large corporations too.

She loves children. Kate has always wanted to be a teacher. A college teacher to be exact. She has a daughter who was born a preemie. Maysie Diane was born in March of 2008. She passed away in April 2008. She will forever be in her Mom's heart.

She adores music. All music interests her. She plays the flute. She also loves movies.

She likes reading and history. She also follows politics closely. Kate describes herself as a very outgoing classic person who is grounded and passionate. One of her bosses even called her tenacious. She goes after things.

We want to extend a warm welcome to Kate. We are excited to get to know you and to have you in our ward!!!

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  1. So glad to have you in our Ward!!!! You are an awesome addition of joy, beauty and talent.