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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Know Your Neighbor ~ Walker's

The Walker Family

Brian and Linda Walker live in the Willow Valley Circle. They have lived in Bountiful, Magna, and have been in Centerville for almost 29 years! They have lived in their current home in our neighborhood for 17 years.

Linda grew up in Bountiful, Utah. She is the middle child of three and has an older sister and younger brother. She currently works part time at the Walking Comfort store in the online sales department. Linda likes to travel, especially cruises, and read. She used to be into crafting—she even worked at Roberts for several years—but she is now kind of burnt out on crafts. Her real love is being with her children and grandchildren.

Brian also grew up in Bountiful, Utah. In fact, he grew up in the same ward as Linda. He is the second child of six—three boys and three girls. He served his mission in Arcadia, California. He attended the American College for his schooling as a Financial Planner. Brian will have been a Financial Planner for Metlife for 25 years in February. He loves his work. He enjoys golf, softball, racquetball, do-it-yourself projects, and travel. He also does a lot of volunteer work for the insurance industry.

Brian chased Linda home from kindergarten, but she did not like him. Growing up, she thought he was a hooligan. She didn’t like him until he came home from his mission. Then, he became the Young Adult Leader and she had just graduated from high school. They began dating and were engaged two and half months later. They got married 5 months later in the Salt Lake Temple on September 19th. They had to wait until September 19th because Brian didn’t want to get married until he had been back from his mission for a year. So one year to the date of his return, they got married. September 19th is also Linda’s parents’ anniversary.

The Walkers have four children, three boys and one girl. Nathan is married to Malerie and they have three kids, with one on the way. They live in North Salt Lake. Nathan works for the Teacher Improvement Network selling educational software.

Jason is married to Kaisha and they have two kids. They live in Bountiful and Jason works for Clearlink.

Zachary is married to McKehl and they have three kids. They live in Centerville. Zachary is finishing up his last semester of school. He is working on his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Aubrea is married to Sean and they are currently living with the Walkers while Sean is in school.

The Walkers enjoy spending time together and are looking forward to doing something together—like start a business—as a couple when Brian retires. They have two dogs—Nellie and Fitch. Nellie is an American Eskimo Wheaten Terrier and Fitch (who they inherited from their son), is a miniature pinscher.

We are happy to have the Walker family in our neighborhood!

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