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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monthly Calendar - October 2014

October 2nd - Women's Volleyball 8 PM

October 9th - 7 PM, Witches Night Out!
                       Parenting Panel. Get your questions to one of the R.S. Presidency.

October 12th - Primary Sacrament Meeting Program

October 16th - Stake Temple Day 
                          Bring your own family names

October 29th - Trunk or Treat and Soup Tasting

Ongoing Activities-

                           Neighborhood Play Group*  
                           Wednesdays  at 9 AM at Centerville Community Park. Call Shannon                              Page at 801-295-5962 for more information.

                           Pinterest Craft Group*
                          This group meets every second Thursday of the month from 9-11AM. 
                          Call Sydney Garner if you would like information @801-597-0431
                          Promises of the Book of Mormon Class*
                          Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM at Sue G.'s home. 

                          Garden Swap*
                          Tuesdays on the corner of Sharon G.'s home. Drop off or pick up what                            you would like.
*Activities that are neighborhood special interest groups.

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