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Friday, July 18, 2014

Pinterest ~ March, April, May

Spring Time Pinterest Group Projects 
were AWESOME!!!

For March Shannon P. hosted.
She had so many cute papers to choose from to make a spring time banner.

We folded the paper accordion style 
to make the centers. 


 Here is the darling finished project!

We also made fun twine carrots.

So adorable don't you think!

 In March Jenny N. was the host.
We made colored mason jars.
You could use them for a million different things!

So easy and fun to decorate with!

 Of course with Easter on it's way we made some cool Paper Easter Eggs.

 May's Pinterest was held at Sydney G's house.

We went Patriotic for the upcoming Fourth of July.

We were fortunate that Shannon P's parents 
just decided to tear down their old fence so 
Shannon scored the old wood for us to make 
Patriotic Flag's with!

We taped off a chevron pattern for 
painting the stripes.


Because the wood just happened to be red, if you wanted the Americana look you could just leave the fence wood showing through.
Look how great Heidi's turned out!!

For those who wanted a newer look some 
fresh paint did the trick.

We spray painted burlap pillows to add to the Fourth's decor.

The last project was a garden tic~tac~toe game.

We painted rocks for the playing pieces.

 Then we used already hooked together faux stones 
to play the game on.

Stick them in the Garden and Wala!!!
Fun for the kids! 

Pinterest Group is such a great time 
to visit and create!

Join us next September when we start up again, the 
Second Thursday of each month.
Contact Sydney @801-597-0431 if you want to join. 

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