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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Know Your Neighbor ~ The Becker's

Let's all join in welcoming the Becker family, who recently moved into our ward!  They moved from Bountiful and bought the Seely’s house on Willow Valley Drive.   They lived in Bountiful for five years and lived in Salt Lake before that.

Angie and Ryan met through mutual friends.  They have been married eight years, and have three adorable children--Jaxon who is five, Mya who is three, and new addition, Clara, who was born on July 4th.

Both Angie and Ryan were born in Logan.  Angie's family lived in several different cities throughout Utah when she was growing up.  Both Angie and Ryan's families moved to Highland when they were teenagers, so they both graduated from Lone Peak High School.

Ryan grew up as the fourth of five children.  After high school he joined the army.  Then he served a mission in Mexico.  Ryan attended the University of Utah.  He is now a member of the National Guard and works for them at Camp Williams where he teaches firearm safety.  He enjoys all types of sports.
Angie grew up as the middle of three children.  She attended the University of Utah and graduated with a degree in exercise physiology.  Later she went back to school at the University of Utah and got a Registered Nursing degree.  She now works part time as a nurse.  Angie enjoys swimming when she can find the time.

The first time Ryan asked Angie out on a date, she accepted and then later cancelled because a friend offered her a free ski pass for the same day.  Ryan now teases and says that's  when he knew she was the one he would marry.

Together the Beckers enjoy biking and skiing .  They have also done some triathlons together.  Most of all they enjoy spending time together as a family.
We are happy to have the Becker family in our ward and look forward to getting to know them better!

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