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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sacred Family Relationships

Lesson taught by Beth G.

Anticipating his 70th birthday, President Lorenzo Snow called together a family reunion. 

“The more I reflect upon this subject of a family reunion,” he wrote, “the greater are my anxieties and desires for a family gathering, that I may see you all once in my life, and give you a father’s blessing.”
He urged them to let nothing prevent their attendance “except the most serious and insurmountable obstacles.” 

Why is a family reunion so important?

 … Those connections formed here, that are of the most enduring character, shall exist in eternity.”

A question to ponder: If we don't create relationships here, will we have them in the next life?

All of my family live in the South. My son Jaris was called on a mission there. I have a cousin who wouldn't let anyone in. My momma warned Jaris that all my cousin wanted to do was go fishin! When Jaris knocked on his door and told him he was my son, he said, "come back tomorrow and we will go fishin. Jaris had already warned his mission president so he had permission to go fishing with him. He was able to teach him and he was baptized after Jaris was transferred.

Our relationships give us a grounding connection and security.

I only had one living grandparent, my grandmother who lived next door. I could run to her anytime I had some troubles. Now that I don't live by her, I love to go to Hobby Lobby because there is a section with a candle that smells just like her house. I would tell my kids how good it smelled and make them smell it so they would know a part of her.

Now that I am a grandmother, I will do just about anything to keep my children and grandchildren close. I do lots of things to help build our relationships and we truly enjoy being together. There's nothing better than sitting together on the front porch in the rocking chairs, teaching them the proper way to rock!

Family relationships are sacred and can grow stronger in eternity.

The Lord has shown us that if we are faithful we will associate with each other in an immortal and glorious state; that those connections formed here, that are of the most enduring character, shall exist in eternity.

Faithful Latter-day Saints who are unable to marry or raise children in this life will be able to receive all the blessings of exaltation in the life to come.

People who have no opportunity of marrying in this life, if they die in the Lord, will have means furnished them by which they can secure all the blessings necessary for persons in the married condition. The Lord is merciful and kind, and He is not unjust.

When husband and wife enjoy a oneness of feeling, they encourage love and kindness in the home.

Gary, being a banking numbers man, was always a little exasperated at our check book. He wanted to do something one time and I said, "We can't, just look at the check book". He picked up the check book, looked and just threw it down on the counter. Gary is not one to argue or get upset. Our son came in that night crying and said, "Don't get a divorce".  Just that small thing upset him.  

Hold your tongue until you are calmed down. Your children or grandchildren are watching you. You are the example.

Children learn the gospel best when their parents seek inspiration and set good examples.

Strive to teach your children in such a way, both by example and precept, that they will unhesitatingly follow in your footsteps and become as valiant for the truth as you have been.

Tina S. shared a comment that she thought she was seeking inspiration through prayer with the challenges of raising her children, but that she had really only barely tapped into inspiration. She found that she really needed to study the scriptures and become more spiritually in tune. Doing that allowed her to truly love her children more, be a little less frustrated and gain more patience with them. This allowed a better relationship and in effect, gave her a better position to be of influence. 

May we all cultivate and strengthen our 
family relationships!

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